MGW 2000e Manuals

Safety Instructions 
Use the following safety guidelines to help protect your MGW 
2000e unit from potential damage and to ensure your own 
personal safety. 
When using MGW 2000e 
As you operate MGW 2000e, observe the following safety 
Do not open the MGW 2000e unit, as this will void your warranty. MGW 
2000e does not contain any user serviceable parts. 
•  Before installing MGW 2000e, unplug the system to help 
prevent electric shock or system board damage. Certain 
system board components continue to receive power any 
time MGW 2000e is connected to AC power. 
•  To help prevent electric shock, plug the power cable into 
properly grounded sources. Use only properly grounded 
extensions and adaptors as the need arises. 
•  Use only a UL Recognized power cord. 
•  Make sure nothing rests on your MGW 2000e power cable 
and that the cables are not located where they can be 
stepped or tripped over. 
•  Do not spill food or liquids on your MGW 2000e unit. 
•  Do not push any objects into free slots of your MGW 2000e 
unit. Doing so will damage your MGW 2000e unit and can 
cause fire or electrical shock by shorting out interior 

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