MCD106 Manuals

General Information
Supplied accessories
• When the system is switched to Standby
mode, it is still consuming some power.

Remote control without battery
To disconnect the system from the

Composite video cable (yellow)
power supply completely, remove the AC

Audio cables (white/red)
power plug from the wall socket.

User Manual
If any item is damaged or missing, contact
your retailer or Philips.
• When a disc becomes dirty, clean it with a
cleaning cloth. Wipe the disc from the center out,
Safety information
in a straight line.
• The standby switch does not disconnect the
• Do not expose the player,
apparatus from mains.
batteries or discs to humidity,
• Where the MAINS plug or an appliance coupler
rain, sand or excessive heat
is used as the disconnect device, the disconnect
(caused by heating equipment or
device shall remain readily operable.
direct sunlight). Always keep the
• Place the system on a flat, hard and stable
disc tray closed to avoid dust on
the lens.

The apparatus shall not be exposed to
Do not use solvents such as benzene, thinner,
dripping or splashing.
commercially available cleaners, or anti-static

spray intended for colour discs.
Install the unit near the AC outlet and where the

AC power plug can be easily reached.
The lens may cloud over when the player is

suddenly moved from cold to warm
Place the system in a location with adequate
surroundings, making it impossible to play a disc.
ventilation to prevent internal heat build-up in
Leave the player in the warm environment until
your system.  Allow at least 10 cm (4 inches)
the moisture evaporates.
clearance from the rear and the top of the unit
and 5 cm (2 inches) from each side.

Environmental information
The ventilation should not be impeded by
covering the ventilation openings with items,
All unnecessary packaging has been omitted. We
such as newspapers, table-cloths, curtains, etc.
have tried to make the packaging easy to

separate into three materials: cardboard (box),
Do not expose the system, batteries or discs to
polystyrene foam (buffer) and polyethylene (bags,
excessive moisture, rain, sand or heat sources
protective foam sheet).
caused by heating equipment or direct sunlight.
• No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles,
Your system consists of materials which can be
should be placed on the apparatus.
recycled and reused if disassembled by a
• No objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall
specialised company. Please observe the local
be placed on the apparatus.
regulations regarding the disposal of packaging

materials, exhausted batteries and old
If the system is brought directly from a cold to a
warm location, or is placed in a very damp room,
moisture may condense on the lens of the disc
unit inside the system. Should this occur, the CD
player would not operate normally. Leave the
power on for about one hour with no disc in the
system until normal playback is possible.
• The mechanical parts of the set contain self-
lubricating bearings and must not be oiled or

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