LR-600 Manuals

LR-600 Wireless Speaker/Receiver
Specify Par t
Use Listen®’s LR-600 Wireless
Speaker/Receiver in classrooms, houses
of worship, as a portable sound system,
or LR-600-216
and anywhere you need to get sound
to a location without wires.
• All-in-one wireless receiver, 2-channel 10 watt power amplifier, and
User Applications
• Exceptional audio quality – 80dB signal-to-noise.
• overflow areas
• Users can adjust volume and select channels on the top of the unit.
• foyers and lobbies
• dressing rooms
• Operates on power supply, external 12VAC or internal batteries.
(AC power supply included)
• nurseries
• outdoor pavilion
• Easily field tunable; select from 57 channels with the simple push of
• offices
a button.
• restaurant
• Built in SmartCharge™ won’t allow batteries to overcharge! Charging
• sports bars
circuitry is conveniently built into Listen’s receivers; never worry about
unplugging a transformer at a certain time.
• judges chambers
• schools
• Adjustable squelch mutes audio when RF signal is not present.
• houses of worship
• Auxiliary input and output connections allows for connection to
• cafeteria areas
external equipment.
• meeting rooms
• Audio input allows for mixing in additional audio sources such as
• convention centers
projectors, a CD or MP3 player.
• training facilities
• Handle can be used to carry the unit, to mount on vertical or
• indoor or outdoor tour areas
horizontal surface or to mount on a microphone stand.
• tour groups
• One Listen Expansion Speaker (Part Number LA-316) or any other
• school excursions
speaker may be powered by one LR-600 for twice the coverage.
• cruise ships
• Listen’s backlit LCD display is built into the back of the LR-600
• trade shows
speaker to verify channel selection, programming and RF signal
• amphitheaters
• pavilions
• The programming feature gives the system manager the ability to
• parks
lock onto one channel to prevent users from changing channels.
• zoos
• and many more!
L i s t e n   Tec h n ol og i es  Co r p o r a t io n
14912 Heritage Crest Way
Salt Lake City, UT  84065-4818  U.S.A.
Phone: 1.801.233.8992 or 1.800.330.0891
D o n ' t   m i s s   a   s i n g l e   s o u n d .
Fax: 1.801.233.8995
Email: [email protected]
updated 10.21.05
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