KD-G220 Manuals

Basic settings
Getting started
•  See also “General settings — PSM” on pages 
Basic operations 
10 and 11.
~  Turn on the power.


* You cannot select “DISC” as the 
playback source if there is no disc in the 
1  Canceling the display 
Select “DEMO,” then “DEMO OFF.”
!  For FM/AM tuner 
2  Setting the clock
Select “CLOCK H” (hour), then adjust 
the hour.
Select “CLOCK M” (minute), then 
adjust the minute.
  Adjust the volume.
3  Finish the procedure.
Volume level appears.
To check the current clock 
time while the power is 

Volume level indicator
turned off
To check the other 
  Adjust the sound as you want. (See 
page 9.)
information while 
listening to the radio

Clock Ô Frequency
To drop the volume in a 
moment (ATT)

To restore the sound, press 
it again.
To turn off the power
EN02-05_KD-AR270_G220[J]f.indd   5
EN02-05_KD-AR270_G220[J]f.indd   5
10/18/05   4:22:25 PM
10/18/05   4:22:25 PM

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