Input/Output Control Card NXC-I/O10 Manuals

Installation Guide
NXC-I/O10 Input/Output Control Card
NetLinx Control Cards and NetModules
Setting the Switch/Voltage Mode Jumpers:
NetLinx Control Cards can be installed in either the NXF CardFrame, 
The NXC-I/O10 responds to switch closures or voltage-level (high/low) 
NI-4000, or in NetModules. This document provides basic specifications 
changes. Compatible I/O devices include the Power Control Sensor (PCS), 
and wiring information. For detailed information on the cards, refer to the 
tape transports and limit switches. The inputs are set for SW mode 
NetLinx CardFrame, Control Cards, and NetModules Instruction Manual 
(closure) or VO mode, as described below: 
available on-line via  
Switch (SW) Mode - jumper pins 2 and 3 (default setting) 
SW/VO jumpers (J1 - J15)
V-Clamp +12V/open 
jumper (J31)
FIG. 2  Switch (SW) Mode - jumper pins 2 and 3 (default setting) 
In SW mode, the NXC-I/O10 senses switch, relay contact closures, or 
provides a logic-level output. 
The 3-pin jumpers for each input should be set to SW before wiring inputs 
SW/VO jumpers (J16 - J30)
to the Card.
Status LEDs
• An "On" condition is triggered by contact closures or a logic low of 0 to 
FIG. 1  NXC-I/O10 Control card
1.5 VDC. 
• An "Off" condition is triggered by a logic high of 2.5 to 5 VDC; set the 
associated I/O to switch mode. 
NXC-I/O10 Specifications
When used for an output, each I/O port acts as a switch to ground (GND), 
The NXC-I/O10 Input/Output Control Card (FG 2021) provides 10 
and is rated at 180 mA @ 12 VDC.
Input/Output channels with LED feedback. 
Note: In Switch mode, the A terminals are connected to the NetLinx 
It acts as a logic-level input and responds to switch closures or voltage level 
Controller's ground. Sources that require isolation from the Controller's 
(high/ low) changes. 
ground should use voltage mode, and provide switched DC power for 
The Switch (SW) and Voltage (VO) modes are set with on-board jumpers. 
sensing as required.
Note: The I/Os on this card are not dry closure; they are electronic switches 
Voltage (VO) Mode setting (Jumper pins 1 and 2) 
that float at 5V when Off. Therefore, they should not be expected to work in 
situations that require true dry contact (or dry closure). 
The I/Os will work with the AMX PC1, PC2, UPC20 and UPC20+.
NXC-I/O10 (FG 2021) Specifications
Power Requirements:
180 mA @ 12 VDC
I/O 1-10: 10 Input/Output channels
Status LEDs:
10 yellow LEDs light to show ON status activity 
(1 per channel).
• Switch: Senses switch or relay contact 
FIG. 3  Voltage (VO) Mode setting (Jumper pins 1 and 2)
closures or provides a logic-level output.
In VO mode, the NXC-I/O10 senses high- and low-voltage states commonly 
• Voltage: Senses high- and low-voltage states.
from AC or DC signals. This mode provides opto-isolation. 
Voltage clamp settings: • 12 V mode (default): Clamps any voltage 
The 3-pin jumpers for each input should be set to VO before wiring inputs to 
connected to I/O ports 1-10 to 12 V.
the Card. 
• VO mode: Use for connections that will draw 
• An "On" condition is triggered by DC levels from 2.5 to 28 VDC 
more than 12 V.
(+ or  -), or AC levels from 2.5 to 24 VAC. 
Two 10-pin 3.5 mm captive-screw terminals
• An "Off" condition is triggered by DC levels from 0 to 1.5 VDC (+ or  -) 
or AC levels from 0 to 1.5 VAC.
DEVICE_ID: $010b
NXC-I/O10 Channel Assignments:
Channels 1-10 represent I/O channels 1-10.

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