IM-500 Manuals

The radio portion of your new sound system does not require any maintenance.  We
recommend you keep this manual for future reference on how to set the clock and for
general reference of the many features found in this unit.
As with any cassette player, the cassette section of this sound system does require
a minimum of maintenance to keep it in good working condition.  The following simple
care and maintenance suggestions should be followed to prevent malfunctions of the
cassette system.
1.   Purchase a cassette cleaning kit from your local retail store.  Use it!  At least every
20 to 30 hours of operation you must clean the cassette mechanism.  A dirty
cassette player will have a poor sound.
2.  Do not use cassettes that exceed 45 minutes of play on each side.
3.  Do not insert a cassette that appears to be broken, twisted or dirty or with loose
or torn   labels on it.
4.   Always keep your cassettes away from direct sunlight or exposure to sub-freezing
conditions.  If a cassette is cold, allow it to warm up before use.
5.  Do not keep a cassette in the player when not in use.
6.  Before inserting a cassette in the player, check that the tape is tightly wound on
the reels.  Take up any excess slack using a pencil to turn the drive hub in the
cassette (see diagram below).
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Form No. 128-4611

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