IM-500 Manuals

A re-set button is located on the front panel which must be activated by a pen tip or
other thin object as it is recessed to prevent accidental engagement.  The re-set
circuitry is provided to protect the microprocessor circuitry and should only be
activated under the following circumstances as it will erase the time and station pre-
set memories.
1. Upon initial installation after all wiring is completed.
2.  If there is a malfunction of any of the switches on the unit, pressing the re-set button
may clear the system and return to normal operation.
1.  Switch the  vehicle ignition “on” and the radio “on .
2.  If the radio frequency is shown on the LCD panel  bl , press the Time/Frequency
Selector (T/F) bs momentarily so that the time display is shown.
3. With the time display on the LCD panel, press and hold the Time/Frequency
Selector (T/F) bs, for approximately 2 seconds until the time display begins
4.  Within 5 seconds of the display beginning to flash, press the Down Tuning (          )
button 7 to adjust the hours, then the Up Tuning (           ) button 6 adjust the minutes
to the correct time.
5.  After setting the correct time, press the Time/Frequency Selector (T/F) again or
wait 5 seconds for the display to stop flashing.

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