HSD 200 SR/oc Manuals

HSD 200 SR/oc
Communication Headset
The HSD 200 SR is a combination stereo headset and
close-talking dynamic microphone intended for modern
hands-free operation in a communications environment. The
microphone response has been tailored with a gentle roll-off
below 200 Hz and a broad peak centered at 3 kHz to
increase speech intelligibility. The semi-open, supra-aural
headphone fittings provide a comfortable fit, while the semi-
open design enables the user to directly hear sounds and
speech originating near by. Attention has been paid in the
design to avoid leakage from the headphones directly into
the microphone. In typical AKG fashion, the cable which
contains both headphone and microphone leads exits only
from one side of the assembly, which promotes comfortable
and convenient wearing of the HSD 200 SR.
Transducer principle:
Dynamic (low noise)
Frequency range:
50 Hz to 11 kHz
Polar pattern:
Sensitivity at 1 kHz:
1 mV/Pa (-60 dB re 1 V)
• Semi-open, supra-aural stereo
Equivalent noise level: Less than 24 dB-A
S/N ratio (A-weighted): 70 dB
• Shock-mounted dynamic cardioid
650 ohms
microphone with speech-optimized
Recommended load impedance:
Greater than 1000 ohms
frequency response
• Both headphone and microphone
leads exit through a single cable
Transducer principle:
with bare leads at the end for ease
Fitting type:
Semi-open, supra-aural
in attaching interconnect hardware
Sensitivity (per phone): 100 dB SPL at 1mW
Frequency range:
20 Hz to 28 kHz
Rated impedance:
100 ohms (elements wired in parallel)
Cable length:
10 ft. (3 m)
Non-reflective black
Net weight:
8.8 oz. (250 g) 
Shipping weight:
1 lb. (450 g)
Included accessory:
Foam windscreen
SR/OC has open cable ends

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