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Getting started with GoGearTM
Overview of controls and connections
*Switch between play and library screen
How do I reset my device?
Digital Audio  Player
USB cable connector
If your device hangs up, do not panic. Simply reset your device. Press and hold 2; and 
[VOLUME +] for 3 seconds. Then press 2; to power on again. Your data or 
Headphones jack
Your device is powered by a rechargeable battey.
your music will not be affected or damaged!
Insert the included “Easy Start” CD into your computer’s CDROM
drive. Select your language and follow screen instructions to 
complete installation of Windows Media Player (WMP9 for
Charging socket
Please charge for 4 hours for full battery power or 
Windows 2000 user only or WMP 10 for Windows XP) After the installation is 
Please take some time to read this before using your device.
fast charge 2 hours for 70% battery power.
finished, insert the "GoGear digital audio player software and user manual" CD into 
HOLD slider
To disable key press
We hope you enjoy your device.
your computer's CD drive. Select your language and follow the screen instructions to
How do I repair my device?
LCD display
Dynamically displays menu, options and track information
install the remaining software such as Philips Device Manager.
Product Registration
System requirements :
With Philips Device Manager you can update and repair the software in your device with a few simple
To switch between root menu, library and now playing screens
- Windows® 2000 (SP4 or above) or XP (SP1 or above)
Since it is possible for you to upgrade your product, we recommend that 
clicks. Install Philips Device Manager from the "GoGear digital audio player software and user manual" CD
- 64 MB RAM
- 100 MB hard drive space
you register your product on www.philips.com/register so we can inform you 
3  / 4  
Scroll; SuperScroll; Playmode shortcut and 3  / 4  
Power on and play
Press and hold the  2; key to power ON / OFF.
or go to www.philips.com/usasupport and download the Device Manager Software for this device.
- Internet connection
- USB port
as soon as new free upgrades become available.
Basic Operation
Controls to press
J( / §  
Rewind / Fast forward; Skip to previous / next; Up / Down to 1 level
1  Connect your device to your computer.
To switch between root menu,
Press and hold VIEW
Don't forget about upgrades 
y 2;
Power on / off and Play / Pause;
library and now playing screens*
Launch Device Manager by right-clicking on this 
icon in the 
We know you will enjoy your product for a long time. For best performance,
Scrolling and browsing
3, 4, J( / )K  for up, down, left, right
taskbar and selecting "Launch Device Manager" or by going to 
Neckstrap eyelet
Start ➔ Programs ➔ Philips Device Manager
we recommend that you regularly check in to www.philips.com/usasupport
Go to different levels of menu
Press  )K  for next and J( for previous
for free upgrades of the latest software and firmware for your product.
Volume + / -
Volume control
Connect the by-packed adapter to your device and to the main 
In the main window, go to the repair tab and click Repair.
power supply. Connect the smaller end of your USB cable to your  
Start or Stop Voice recording
Play/Pause music
Press 2;
These downloads will help you to optimize your product's performance and to take 
device, the bigger end to your computer's USB port.
You will be prompted before repair begins.
advantage of our future support of new audio formats.
Add the current track to My Playlist
Change volume
Press VOLUME + / 
Your device will be recognized as a portable device on your 
Fast forward/Rewind in a track Press and hold )K / J( 
computer. It is now ready to download music tracks.
Enjoy your new music experience.
Play next or previous track
Press )K for next and J(  for previous 
Ensure your device is connected before opening WMP for best performance.
All media contents will be erased!
Type number 
Add to my playlist
During music playback, press PLAYLIST
Please read the user manual for detailed information
Serial number
to add music to my PLAYLIST
Click OK to continue. Click Cancel to stop.
Start voice recordings
Press REC for 3 seconds
The Device Manager will repair your device. Once the repair is complete,
the device can be disconnected from the PC and is ready to be used again.
To switch between now playing and library screens: Press VIEW
Play next or previous
Press  )K  for next and J( for previous
Note:Your device is equipped with data logging function which help us enhance your user experience.
Transfer music files from your PC to your
preset station
device via Windows Media Player.
Please refer to the user manual for details.
Tune the radio
Press 3 and 4 to fine-tune, press and
Please read the Getting started with
hold 3 and 4 to search the next/ 
Windows Media Player for detailed information.
previous available station
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