GH-1440ZX Manuals

Feed and Thread Selection 
1.  Reference the feed and thread chart on the 
front of the headstock (A, Figure 16). 
2.  Move levers and knobs (B/C/D/E, Figure 16) 
to the appropriate position according to the 
feed and thread chart. 
Thread Cutting 
1.  Set forward/reverse lever (F, Figure 16) to 
desired direction. 
2.  Set selector levers (G/H, Figure 16) to 
desired R.P.M. 
3.  Select desired thread using levers (B/C/D/E, 
Figure 16). 
4.  Set selector lever (A, Figure 17) to correct 
Figure 16 
position (neutral). 
5.  Engage the half nut lever (B, Figure 17). 
6.  Make a test cut with scrap material and 
check results before cutting regular material. 
Gib Adjustments 
After a period of time, some of the moving 
components may need to be adjusted due to 
Turn gib screws on either side of the saddle at 
the rear to adjust the drag on the saddle. 
Cross Slide 
Turn gib screws in the front and rear of the gib 
to adjust the drag of the cross slide. 
Compound Slide 
Turn gib screws to adjust the drag of the 
Figure 17 
compound slide. 
Tailstock Off-Set 
Follow the procedure below to off-set the 
tailstock to cut shallow tapers: 
1.  Loosen tailstock in position by lowering 
locking handle (B, Figure 18) and loosening 
hexagon head eccentric shaft at back of 
2.  Alternately loosen and tighten front and rear 
screws (D, Figure 18). Note: Front  screw is 
Figure 18 

Document Outline

  • ZX Series JET Lathes
  • Warranty and Service
  • Table of Contents
  • Warnings
  • Specifications
  • Unpacking
  • Uncrating and Cleanup
  • Chuck Preparation (Three Jaw)
  • Lubrication
  • Coolant Preparation
  • Electrical Connections
  • Conversion to 460 Volt Operation
  • General Description
  • Controls
  • Operation
    • Feed and Thread Selection
    • Thread Cutting
    • Gib Adjustments
    • Tailstock Off-Set
    • Removing Gap Section
    • Installing Removable Gap Section
    • Belt Replacement and Adjustment
    • Aligning Tailstock to Headstock

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