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Mono Laser Printer
User's Guide
Important: If your printer has a touch screen, see the User’s Guide on the
Publications CD for information on using your printer.
Machine type(s):
4062, 4551, 4552, 4553, 4864, 5530
01A, 21A, 23A, 41A, 43A, 630, d03, dn, dn1, dn2, dn3, gd1, gd2, gm1, md1, mn1, n01, n02, n03, xn2

Document Outline

  • Contents
  • Safety information
  • Learning about the printer
    • Printer configurations
    • Selecting a location for the printer
    • Understanding the printer control panel
  • Additional printer setup
    • Installing internal options
      • Available internal options
      • Accessing the system board to install internal options
      • Installing a memory card
      • Installing a flash memory or firmware card
      • Installing an Internal Solutions Port
      • Installing a printer hard disk
    • Installing hardware options
      • Order of installation
      • Installing paper drawers
      • Installing an optional duplex unit
    • Attaching cables
    • Verifying printer setup
      • Printing a menu settings page
      • Printing a network setup page
    • Setting up the printer software
      • Installing printer software
      • Updating available options in the printer driver
    • Setting up wireless printing
      • Information you will need to set up the printer on a wireless network
      • Installing the printer on a wireless network (Windows)
      • Installing the printer on a wireless network (Macintosh)
    • Installing the printer on a wired network
    • Changing port settings after installing a new network Internal Solutions Port
    • Setting up serial printing
  • Loading paper and specialty media
    • Setting the Paper Size and Paper Type
    • Configuring Universal paper settings
    • Loading the standard or optional 250-sheet or 550-sheet tray
    • Loading the 2000-sheet tray
    • Loading the multipurpose feeder
    • Loading the envelope feeder
    • Linking and unlinking trays
      • Linking trays
      • Unlinking trays
      • Linking exit bins
      • Changing a Custom Type name
  • Paper and specialty media guidelines
    • Paper guidelines
      • Paper characteristics
      • Unacceptable paper
      • Selecting paper
      • Selecting preprinted forms and letterhead
      • Using recycled paper
      • Storing paper
    • Supported paper sizes, types, and weights
      • Paper sizes supported by the printer
      • Paper types and weights supported by the printer
      • Paper types and weights supported by the output bins
  • Printing
    • Printing a document
    • Printing on specialty media
      • Tips on using letterhead
      • Tips on using transparencies
      • Tips on using envelopes
      • Tips on using labels
      • Tips on using card stock
    • Printing confidential and other held jobs
      • Holding jobs in the printer
      • Printing confidential and other held jobs
    • Printing from a flash drive
    • Printing information pages
      • Printing a font sample list
      • Printing a directory list
      • Printing the print quality test pages
    • Canceling a print job
      • Canceling a print job from the printer control panel
      • Canceling a print job from the computer
  • Clearing jams
    • Avoiding jams
    • Understanding jam numbers and locations
    • 200 and 201 paper jams
    • 202 and 203 paper jams
    • 230 paper jam
    • 231
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