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ISDN TA + Fast Ethernet 
16bit PC Card 
(Attached Port)  
The ISDN TA & PCMCIA Fast Ethernet Attached Port 
PC Card integrates both ISDN TA and 10/100 Fast 
ISDN standards 
* Basic Rate Access (2B+D) 
Ethernet technologies together.  It offers seamless 
* S/T-Interface: Compliant with ITU-T I.430 
connection between digital ISDN and 10/100 dual 
* D-channel: ITU-T Q.921, Q.931 ETSI NET3 
speed Fast Ethernet within one single PC Card.  The 
* B-channel: V.120, V.110, X.75/T.70NL/ISO8208(RVS
users can switch to digital ISDN connections or LAN 
   -COM), Async-to-Sync PPP conversion, Multilink PPP,
connections just simply plug-in the provided 
   56 K Modem (CAPI only), G3 fax (CAPI only), and
network connection cables into their respective 
   Voice (CAPI only) 
ports.  It allows you enjoy both speed and 
Line Rate 
convenience that you don't need to buy two PC 
* 64/56 Kbps on 1 B-channel 
Cards, but still enjoy two functions. Plus, the 
* 128/112 Kbps on 2 B-channel (PPP/MP) 
attached port eliminates the hassle of taking 
* 64/56Kbps on 1 B-channel 
* 16Kbps on D-channel 
ISDN Network & Switch Compatibility 
* National ISDN-1 (NI-1) 
System Requirements 
* AT&T 5ESS Custom 
* An IBM compatible notebook computer with
* Northen Telecom DMS-100 Custom 
   386SX or higher processor 
* DSS1 (Euro-ISDN) 
* At least one Type II PC Card socket 
* INS-Net 64 
* Drivers and utilities provided with this product 
* PCMCIA released 2.1 compliant Card Services
Supported Application Program Interface
* VCOMM             
   and Socket Services 
* CAPI 2.0               
Supported Operating System 
* Windows 95 and OSR2 
* Windows 98 
Network Interface Specifications 
* Windows 2000 
* IEEE 802.3 for 10BaseT 
* Windows ME 
* IEEE 802.3u for 100BaseTX 
* Windows XP 
Data Transfer Rate
Physical Specifications 
* 10/100 Mbps, Double data rate in Full Duplex
* Two RJ-45 ISDN line interfaces 
* Dimension: 85.6 x 54 x 5 (mm) PCMCIA Type II 

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