FPE1506DV Manuals

Make sure disc is loaded in. 
Make sure disc is loaded upside down. 
Make sure disc is not dirty or warped. 
The player cannot play. 
Make sure the player’s region code is the same as region code 
of DVD disc. 
Make sure water condensation has not occurred. If it occurs, 
take out disc and leave the player on for at least one hour. 
Make sure system connection is correct. 
Make sure the sound setup of DVD disc is correct. 
Make sure disc is not dirty or warped. 
There is no sound. 
Clean or replace the disc.   
Make sure the speakers are not muted.   
In the TV mode, set the correct sound mode. 
Make sure the unit is turned on and the connections are 
LCD is no display 
Make sure the power adapter is correctly connected. 
Cannot continue to play and  Make sure is not in A-B or other repeat status. 
play a section repeatedly. 
  Make sure disc is not dirty or damaged. 
Check if the connections with the external AV signal source are 
There is no picture or picture  Correctly set the items in the picture menu.   
move up and down. 
Check if the video type input signal is not corresponding to the 
Make sure the unit is turned on and in correct video type.   
Make sure there are no obstructions between the remote 
control and the player. 
The remote control does not  Make sure the remote control is pointing at the player. 
Make sure batteries are inserted and the polarity is correct. 
Make sure battery is not weak.   
Other Notes: 
Static or other external interfere may cause the player to behave abnormally. In this occurs, unplug 
the power-supply cord from the outlet and plug it in again to reset the player. If the problems persist, 
then please disconnect the power and consult a qualified technician. 
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