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•  Never lean over an open grill. When lighting a burner, always pay close attention to what
you are doing. Be certain you are pushing the ignition button when you attempt to light
the grill.
•  When using the grill, do not touch the grill burner grate or immediate surrounding area as
these areas become extremely hot and could cause burns.
•  Grease is flammable. Let hot grease cool before attempting to handle it. Avoid letting
grease deposits collect in the drip pan. Clean often.
•  Do not use aluminum foil to line drip pans or grill racks. This can severely upset
combustion air flow or trap excessive heat in the control area. The result of this can be
melted knobs or damaged ignition components.
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For personal safety, wear proper apparel. Loose fitting garments or sleeves should never be
worn while using this appliance. Some synthetic fabrics are highly flammable and should not
be worn while cooking. Only certain types of glass, heat-proof glass ceramic, earthenware or
other glazed utensils are suitable for grill use. These types of materials may break with sudden
temperature changes. Use only on low or medium heat settings according to the manufacturer’s

Spiders and insects can nest in the burners of this and any other grill, and cause the gas to flow
from the front of the burner. This is a very dangerous condition which can cause a fire to occur
behind the valve panel, thereby damaging the grill components and making it unsafe to operate.
Keep the area surrounding the grill free from combustible materials, trash or combustible fluids
and vapors such as gasoline or charcoal lighter fluid. Do not obstruct the flow of combustion or
ventilation air.
Never use the grill in windy conditions. If located in a consistently windy area (oceanfront,
mountaintop, etc.) a wind break will be required. Always adhere to the specified clearances
listed on page 10.

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