Expanium EXP 213 Manuals

In-car MP3-CD player
EXP 213
Standard product information
Amplifier/ system
• Output power (headphone) 2 x 3mW RMS
• 1-Bit D/A convertor for pure sound
• Digital dynamic bass boost
• Rotary volume control
More than 10 hours of music on one MP3 CD
1-Bit D/A converter 
• S/N ratio (A weighted) >85 dB
One MP3-CD can contain over 10 hours of music or
Advanced digital conversion technology ensures
• Frequency response
20 Hz - 20 kHz
more than 150 tracks.
crystal-clear sound.
• Audible feedback
100 seconds Magic electronic skip protection
CD player
Automatically stores up to 100 seconds of music
Locks all buttons to prevent interruption of play or
• Supports the CD-ROM, CD-Recordable and
at 128 Kbps (MP3 format) to prevent music
change of program settings.
CD-Rewritable in ISO-9660, Joliet format and
interruptions caused by shocks.
• Playback possibility of 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96,
20-hour playback with 2 x AA Alkaline
Bookmark function that ensures the CD starts
112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256 and 320 Kbps per
batteries (MP3-CD)
precisely from the point it was stopped.
MP3 track
Powersaving technology extends battery playing time
• Supports variable bit rate per track
to 20 hours with 2 regular LR6-size (AA) alkaline
Automatic power off 
• Supports CD’s that contains music tracks with
Automatically switches off the CD player at the end
mixed bit rates
of a compact disc.
• 50-Track programmable, shuffle album/ all,
Large and easy to read display 
repeat one/ album/ all
Display that shows album and track number.
Album/ track - Plus/ minus
• Search forward/ backward in tracks
Scrolls through albums and very fast through all songs.
• Resume and hold
CD, CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable

CD next/ previous
Electronic skip protection
Ensures that all CD’s including CD-Recordable and
Plays the next or previous track at the touch of
• MP3-CD
100 seconds ESP at 128
CD-Rewritable discs, made by any CD-Recorder, can
a button.
be played.
• Audio CD
45 seconds ESP
Repeat one/ album/ all
Playback of MP3 (32-320 Kbps) and variable
Repeat the current track, the current album or the
LCD display
total CD.
• Indications for track & album number, time,
Supports 32 upto 320 Kbps per MP3 track and
2-stage DBB, CD functions, ESP and battery
variable bitrate per MP3 track.
Shuffle album/ all
Plays album or disc randomly, giving you each time
Digital dynamic bass boost 
a new sequence of tracks.
Enhances bass at low, mid and high volume, to give
• Headphone/ line out
Stereo, 3.5 mm
deep, rich sounds.
50-track programmable
• DC in
4.0 mm, 4.5V, centre ‘+’
Stores up to 50 of your favorite tracks for playing
Compact disc audio player
back in your order of preference.
Power supply
Compact Disc technology that provides uncompressed
• Batteries
2 x 1.5V, type
superb digital sound quality.
Audible feedback
AA/LR6/UM3 cell
Confirms any key-push with friendly beep to
• Battery playing time
20 hours (2 AA Alkaline,
Heat resistant body 
acknowledges that a command has been given.
Unique composite material enables the CD player to
• Battery playing time
15 hours (2 AA Alkaline,
withstand very high temperature.
• Automatic power switch-off
• Material
High temperature
resistant plastic
• Weight
250 g
• Product dimensions
130 L x 138 W x 28 H
• D-box dimensions /10
162 L x 147 W x 92 H
• Master carton dimensions /10
291 L x 171 W x 166 H
• Master carton quantity 3
Printed in Hong Kong 2002-03-04
Specifications subject to modification 
• Stereo in-ear headphone
without notice
• AC/DC Adapter
© 2002 Royal Philips Electronics.
• Car cassette adapter
All rights reserved
• 4.5V Car cigarette lighter DC/DC adapter
• Belt clip

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