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Booklets for DocuSP EXP 4110 
“How Do I?” guide for Operators 
May 2007 
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How to create a booklet (no covers) printing thru the EXP4110  
This setup is when you have multiple 8.5x11 pages in the document & you want to create a booklet on 11x17 (no 
1. Select 
[File| [Print]  
2.  Select the [EXP4110 PS printer
Make sure in the print dialog screen that the [Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size] is NOT selected. 
3. Select 
[Properties] expand the [Paper Source] Tab 
4. Select 
[Letter SEF] in Page Size 
5.  Scroll down to [Print Size
6. Select 
7.  Scroll down the Finishing Tab & expand the Tab 
8.  Scroll down to [Booklet Maker
9. Select 
A conflict window will popup stating that it has to change duplex to top-top & page order to reverse.  
10. Select OK 
11.  Scroll down to [Folding
12. Select [Booklet Fold & Staple
13. Select [OK] [OK] to Print 
How to Program 5.5 x 8.5 PDF to 8.5 x 11 Booklets - EXP4110  
Per EFI, use the Workflow described below to program a 5.5x8.5 (Statement stock) PDF job to print onto 8.5x11 
1.  Open the PDF 
2. Select 
[File] [Print] [EXP4110 printer]  
3.  Check the [Choose Paper Source by PDF page size
4. Select 
5.  Ensure that the [Page Size] = 5.5x8.5 (Statement) SEF 
6.  Select [Paper Source] and set - [Print Size] = Letter SEF 
7. Select 
[Finishing] and set the following: 
a. [Booklet Maker] = Saddle (approve the programming conflict resolutions) 
b. Deselect 
[Booklet Best Fit] ***IMPORTANT*** 
c.  [Folding] = Booklet fold and staple (approve the programming conflict resolution)  
8. Select 
[OK] [OK] to submit the job to print 
RESULTS:  Job prints with the 5.5x8.5 image correctly placed on each half of the 8.5x11 SEF sheet.  It is folded 
and stapled into a booklet. 

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