EV9984-42 Manuals

CES 2900DP Series
Water Conditioner
Water Conditioning for Commercial and Light Industrial Applications
Available in Duplex Parallel System with 2” Porting 
Hardness removal of 136,000 to 512,000 grains at 
flow rates up to 145 gallons per minute continuous
Meter initiated regeneration minimizes salt, water, 
and electrical costs
Advanced user-friendly controls incorporates 
two time-tested hydraulically balanced pistons to 
independently pilot service flow and regeneration
Large capacity brine tank maximizes time 
between refills
Fiberglass reinforced resin vessels with NSF 
approved polyethylene liners eliminate worries 
about corrosion
Duplex parallel tank configuration for continuous 
soft water supply and higher service flow rates 
A P P L I C A T I O N / S I Z I N G
Locate equipment on a smooth, level surface
Check for softened water each time salt is 
added, by using a soap or hardness test kit
Maintain an air-gap at the end of the drain line
Laundry - Linen & Uniform
Use a good quality grade of salt -Solar 
Secure drain line directly over floor drain or 
or pellet are preferred
Boiler Scale Control
stand pipe
Check the salt level on a regular basis
Water Heater Scale Protection/Reduction
When connecting to a water heater, install a 
check valve on the soft water piping to prevent 
Maintain at minimum salt depth of 6” to 
General Housekeeping
hot water back-up
ensure a proper regeneration
When sweating/installing copper piping, 
On iron bearing waters, use a salt that 
protect the control valve from excessive heat
contains an iron “fighting” additive, or use 
a resin cleaner on a regular basis
Check local codes for additional equipment 
that may be required, such as backflow 
Check the water level in the brine tank
prevention devices (i.e., RPZ)
If abnormally high - refer to IO guide for 
troubleshooting information

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