ESP3 Manuals

CD Portable
ACT 7583
Shockproof CD player with 45-second
• Rugged design and splash resistant **

Made for outdoor fun, with rubber gaskets and splash resistant
seals that keep out water, moisture and dirt.
• Powersaving electronic skip protection
Automatically stores 45 seconds of music to prevent music
interruptions caused by shocks.
• Built-in recharge capability
Built-in recharge capability for ECO-PLUS Ni-MH batteries
(batteries AY3362 included)
• 3-Stage digital dynamic bass boost
Enhances bass at low, mid and high volume, to give deep, rich
• Extended playing time up to 18 hours (ESP3 on)
• CD-Rewritable compatible
• All CD program modes
• Eargear headphone, ECO-PLUS Ni-MH batteries
rechargeable, sportspouch and AC/DC adapter included
** Not meant to be immersed in or come into continous contact
with water.

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