ER 8126/1 B Manuals

Before using
Remove all securing tapes. Wash inside the
appliance with lukewarm water and bicarbonate of
soda (5 ml to 0.5 litre of water).
Do not use soap or detergent as the smell may
linger. Dry thoroughly.

Setting the temperature
The temperature inside the refrigerator is regulated
by a thermostat with 6 temperature positions and an
“OFF” (O) position.
A - Low Room Temperature Switch  
Position 1 = minimum coldness
Position 6 = maximum coldness
The freezer compartment
Turn the thermostat dial to the required position.
The intermediate position is usually the most
The four-star freezer compartment is suitable for
suitable (3-4).
storage of commercially frozen food and for freezing
fresh foods.
The thermostat setting can vary as the temperature
inside the refrigeration compartment depends on the
following factors:
Freezing fresh food
–  room temperature
When freezing large amounts of fresh food turn the
–  how often the door is opened
thermostat to maximum approximately 1 hour prior to
–  how much food is stored
When the food is frozen return to the normal
–  position of the appliance
In any 24 hours you can freeze up to 10 kg.
Place food to be frozen in the upper drawer of the
During prolonged periods of abnormally hot weather,
freezer as this is the coldest part.
if the thermostat is set on too high a number, the
cooling system may operate continuously and the
fridge cooling plate may not defrost. Turning the knob
to a lower number will cause the automatic
In the event of a power cut the food in the freezer will
defrosting to resume.
not be affected if the power cut is short and if the
freezer is full. Do not open the door. Should the food
begin to thaw, it must be consumed quickly and must
Low Room Temperature Switch 
not be re-frozen .
To ensure that the appliance is working efficiently
when the room temperature drops below 16°C, the
switch mounted next to the thermostat control should
be switched on.
No damage can be caused by leaving the switch in
this position for any period of time (see page 10 Low
room temperature operation). However should the
temperature rise above 16°C remember to turn the
switch off again.

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