ER-1 Manuals


ER-1 Main Features 
•  Pattern performance with emphasis on realtime      
•  256 patterns in memory, each up to 4 bars long 
•  Play the part keys in realtime to record patterns; 
•  All functions are right on the surface, with no 
each part key can be instantly tweaked and 
menus or pages to slow you down! 
saved as a pattern’s sound set! 
•  Familiar 16-step key interface to easily create your 
•  Delay and low-boost effects are provided 
own patterns using the built-in Part sounds 
•  11 parts include 4 synth parts, 4 PCM parts, 2 
•  Motion sequencing to record knob/switch 
Audio In parts and an Accent part 
movements independently for each part  
•  Check out the new pattern data now available 
for download at! 
EasyStart  CONTENTS 
Making connections 

Playing the demo songs 

Pattern mode tour 

Motion sequencing 

More Pattern editing 

Recording Patterns 

Pattern Sets 

More ER-1 Features 


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