Electric Oven SCA301X Manuals

Instructions for the user 
Use absorbent kitchen roll; remove stubborn dirt with a damp sponge 
and ordinary detergent. 
Warning: before removing the panes of glass, make sure that the door 
has been locked in open position as described in point “8.2  Removing 
the door. This operation might have to be repeated during the removal 
  process if the door is accidentally freed. 
After cleaning reassemble the internal glasses following the given 
instructions in reverse order. 
DANGER: do not use the product without glasses: the door surface will 
8.4  Oven door seal 
To permit thorough cleaning of the oven, the seal 
may be removed. Before removing the seal, take off 
the door as described above. Once the door has 
been taken off, lift the tabs at the corners as shown 
in the figure. After cleaning, refit the seal with the 
longer side horizontal and insert the tabs into the 
appropriate holes starting from the top ones. 

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