Elara GA60 Manuals

Elara™ 6636 | purE air® Bath
if you enjoy a uniquely gentle, calming experience that caresses the body and 
soothes the mind, the Elara™ air bath is right for you.

Elara™ 6636 
purE air® Bath
modEl numBEr:  
•   Exclusive 360° Balanced Airflow™ system  
GA50 (Left-hand) 
•   800-watt variable speed heated air blower
GA60 (Right-hand) 
•   Timed purge cycle
ExtErior dimEnsions:
•   Safely use salts and aromatic oils
66" long x 36" wide x  
•   Flexible drop-in or undermount installation options
26" high
•   Low-profile deck
opErating gallons: 
•   Wave Pulse™ system
46-83 gallons
•  PrO™ Cleansing system standard

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