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4. It is essential that you house code your Remote Control with your
Clearing the House Codes:
Model: Ei 411
smoke/heat alarms and any RadioLINK accessories to prevent false
It may sometimes be necessary to clear the House Codes. (e.g. if you wanted
alarms and other interference with nearby systems (see below).
to use the Remote Control with different alarms).
To clear the house codes:
Remote Control
To House Code your Remote Control:
• Unscrew the cover plate from the mounting box.
For use with RadioLINK range of Smoke / Heat Alarms and Bases
a) Place all the RadioLINK
ON/OFF Switch
• Press and hold the house code button for over 6 seconds until the amber light
smoke/heat alarms and
turns on continuously and then flashes slowly. Now release the button and the
accessories into house code
amber light will go out.
mode, within 15 minutes, as
• then re-attach to the mounting box.
described in their instruction
Note clearing the house codes will now reset the Remote Control to the   orig-
inal factory setting.  It will now only communicate with un-coded alarms (see
Smoke Alarm instruction leaflet for information on how to un-code the smoke
b) Also, within the same 15
minutes, place the Ei411
Remote Control into house
code mode by pressing and
holding the house code
The Remote Control Ei 411 allows you to Test or Locate units as follows:-
button until the amber light
Test / Manual Alarm Switch – use to test the smoke/heat alarms or
turns on.  Release the button
bases weekly.
and the amber light will now
flash continuously (for 15 min-
Switch the Test button on. The amber light comes on for 3 seconds to
House Code Button
Figure 1
utes) to show it is in house
indicate it is transmitting an RF signal. (The amber light will continue
Contains vital information on the products operation and installation.
code mode (Note: The Remote Control flashing amber light does not
to flash once every 5 seconds while the test button switch remains
Read and retain carefully. If you are just installing this product the
indicate the number of units in the system.  It just flashes rapidly to
on) Then:
manual MUST be given to the householder.
show it is in house code mode.  The Ei411 is only an RF transmitter
• the RadioLINK Smoke Alarms (Ei 405 and Ei 405TY) will alarm in 10
and does not receive any RF signals).
seconds, with the red light on the smoke alarm flashing rapidly. (This
c) The Remote Control will now send a radio message every 5 sec-
indicates that the chamber has been tested in exactly the same way
onds to indicate it is in house code mode. All smoke/heat alarms and
as if the test button of the alarm itself had been pressed.  The alarm
The Ei 411 Remote Control allows you, without the use of ladders or
accessories within range that are also in house code mode
will also now be in Hush mode for the next 10 minutes).
chairs, to:
themselves, will memorise the house code of the Remote Control.  
• with an Ei 161R or Ei 166R on an Ei 168 RadioLINK Base,  the red
• test the smoke alarms.
d) Check that the number of blue light flashes (for RadioLINK Smoke
light on the smoke alarm will flash rapidly. (This indicates that the
• locate the smoke/heat alarm sensing fire by silencing all the other
Alarms) or amber light flashes (for RadioLINK Bases) correspond
chamber has been tested in exactly the same way as if the test but-
alarms (for 10 minutes). This is of great benefit, particularly at night
with the number of units in the system (e.g. smoke alarms plus the
ton of the alarm itself had been pressed.  The alarm will also now be
as the source of the fire can be quickly traced audibly. This is ideal for
Remote Control). For example, with 3 RadioLINK smoke alarms and
in Hush mode for the next 10 minutes).
larger systems as people nearest the fire can be quickly evacuated
one Remote Control you should see 4 blue light flashes from each
• with a mains Smoke Alarm (Ei161, 166, 164, 141, 144, 146) on an
and/or the fire controlled if it is small. (The Locate button also identi-
Ei 168 RadioLINK Base the alarm will sound indicating the RF receiv-
fies which alarms have previously sensed fire.  This is very useful
er, electronics and horn are operational.
when trouble-shooting systems of many smoke and/or heat alarms
e) Remove all the RadioLINK smoke/heat alarms, RadioLINK bases
see section 4 - Alarm Memory Function).
and other accessories from house code mode as described in their
Switch the Test button off.  The amber light comes on again for a
instruction leaflets.
further 3 seconds to indicate transmission of the alarm cancel signal.
Silencing Nuisance Alarms
f) The Remote Control will exit the house code mode by itself after
(Note: After 5 minutes the Remote Control will stop sending RF alarm
Nuisance alarms can be silenced by turning the test button on and
approximately 15 minutes without further user intervention.
signals and therefore the smoke alarms will stop sounding.  This pre-
then off only with the following RadioLink Smoke Alarm: Ei405,
vents the batteries in the Remote Control and in the smoke alarms
Ei405TY, Ei161R on an Ei168 base and an Ei166R on an Ei168 base.  
However, this could result in problems with nearby systems, if their
units are being house coded at the same time. If this is the case
being depleted).
If there is a fire, immediately evacuate the premises and telephone
remove the Remote Control from its mounting plate and then from
Locate Switch – primarily used to identify the smoke/heat alarm
the fire brigade from outside. Do not silence the unit unless you are
house code mode by pressing and holding the code button until the
sensing fire.
sure there is no fire.
amber light comes on (i.e. use the same method as to enter house
Press and release the momentary Locate Button on. The amber light
code mode). Release the button and the amber light will go out,
comes on continuously for 3 seconds to indicate it is transmitting an
indicating that the Remote Control has exited house code mode.
RF signal. (If the Locate button is held on, the RF signal will continue
1. Position the Ei411 Remote Control (approx) 1.2 metres up on a wall  in
Re-assemble and attach to box as described above.
to be   transmitted every 5 seconds and the amber light will flash).
a suitable position on an exit route. Avoid locating near metal objects.
g) Using the test button, verify that the Remote Control activates all
2. Securely attach the mounting base of the unit to the wall using the
If all the smoke alarms (either RadioLINK Alarms or Bases with Easi-
the alarms in the system. (If some or all of the alarms have not been
fixing screws supplied.
fit alarms attached) are in alarm due to one alarm sensing smoke,
activated, then the house coding procedure should be repeated.  If
pressing the Locate button on the Remote Control, will silence all the
3. Carefully slide the battery switch into the ‘on’ position (see
there are still some problems, see the section 5 on “Troubleshooting”.)
alarms except those sensing fire. 
figure 1). The amber light will flash once. 

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