EFG-03 Manuals

EFG-03 E-Field Generator 
Product Overview 
Performance  The TDK EFG-03 is an E-field gener-
ator designed to produce controlled, high intensity 
electric fields over the frequency range of 10 kHz 
to 100 MHz. The EFG-03 generates a minimum of 
500 V/m between the elements. Its capability to 
handle high input power and its low VSWR makes 
the EFG-03 a powerful and effective E-field gener-
Data Sheet  ator. High Input Power  The EFG-03 utilizes an exter-
nal load that permits the field generator to handle 
input power up to 3500 Watts (continuous) with-
out the use of forced air or water cooling. This 
makes the EFG-03 ideal for immunity test applica-
tions which require high input power, high intensity 
fields in a compact design. 
Robust Design  The EFG-03 features an extremely 
robust transformer design which greatly improves 
the low frequency response.  
The TDK EFG-03 E-Field Generator generates 
Complete Positioning Control  The EFG-03’s 
controlled, high intensity fields over the operat-
integrated mast provides complete manual control 
ing range of 10 kHz to 100 MHz. 
of height, tilt, and polarization. The EFG-03’s posi-
tioning gimbal allows manual control of tilt to  ± 
10° and provides full 360° rotation of the EFG-03 
with indexing at 0° and 90° for quick and easy 
polarization changes. A locking pin secures the 
mounting arm in position. The EFG-03’s mast, base,  Features 
and mounting arm are constructed of heavy-duty 
square fiberglass tubing with a protective water 
10kHz – 100 MHz operating range  
seal. The mast features four locking swivel casters 
High intensity field generator 
for safety and ease of movement. 
Generates greater than 500 V/m 
Adjustable height for optimizing performance 
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