EFG-02 Manuals

EFG-02 E-Field Generator 
Product Overview 
Performance  The TDK EFG-02 is a transmission-
line type electric/magnetic field generator which 
provides an unprecedented level of flexibility in the 
generation of controlled, high-intensity electric and 
magnetic fields over the frequency range of 10 
kHz to 100 MHz. It is capable of generating over 
500 V/m over its entire operating frequency range 
Data Sheet  using 2.5 kW amplifier and provides a large uni-
form field area, thus accommodating a very large 
variety of DUTs.   
Non-Radiating  Because the EFG-02 is a non-
radiating device, the electric and magnetic fields 
are essentially confined to the DUT area.  Also, it 
provides extremely low VSWR over its entire oper-
ating range thus reducing stress on the amplifier.   
Unique Design  The unique mechanical design of 
the EFG-02 greatly facilitates the characterization 
of unwieldy DUTs. Large or bulky DUTs can simply 
be wheeled or placed under the system with the 
aid of equipment (such as a pallet jack or forklift).   
The ability generate controlled, high-intensity 
electric and magnetic fields over the frequency 
range of 10 kHz to 100 MHz and a unique 
design make the EFG-02 the best choice for 
conducting immunity testing on large, heavy, 
or bulky DUTs. 
Immunity testing on Large, heavy or bulky 
10kHz – 100 MHz operating range  
High power field generator 
Up to 500 V/m RSM 
Adjustable height for optimizing performance 
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