EFA24E28L Manuals

NEW!  Panasonic Introduces... 
Ultra Long Life CFL's
Recessed Fixtures
15,000 Hour CFL's!
15,000 Hour Lamp Life
•  Panasonic CFL’s last up to 15 times longer than
 regular incandescent lamps and that results in a
Ceiling Fixtures
 lower frequency of expensive re-lamp projects
Full 60, 75 & 100 Watt Equivalent Light Output
•  13, 18, 20, 24 and 25 watt CFL’s provide
 traditional levels of light output and consume
 up to 70% less energy
End-of-life (EOL) Protection
•  At the end-of-life, this technology safely cuts
 off the current flow to prevent overheating
Outdoor Lighting
Versatile Applications
•  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with a
 minimum starting temperature of -30°C
•  Quick ramp-up time provides almost instant
 light for added security and convenience
Barn Fixtures

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