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Appliance operation may be controlled through
Turn off gas and electrical power 
Do  not  use  abrasive  cleaners 
a remotely located optional wall thermostat or
before servicing the appliance.
on glass. Never clean the glass 
remote control.
when it is hot.
In lieu of remote control or remote wall thermo-
stat operation, the appliance must be operated
directly through the on/off switch located on the
Wear gloves and safety glasses 
surround panel (see Figure 4).
for  protection  while  doing 
Do not attempt to touch the front 
required maintenance.
enclosure glass with your hands 
If your millivolt appliance is equipped with an
optional wall thermostat kit or remote control
while the fireplace is in use.
kit and the pilot is lit (and valve is in the On
position), the appliance main burner may be
turned on and off with the wall thermostat or
Servicing Blower
remote control.
Always verify proper operation 
after servicing.
Refer to blower wiring diagram on Page 13.
Always keep the appliance area clear and free
To access the blower assembly for mainte-
from combustible materials, gasoline and other
nance, adjustment or replacement, see the
flammable liquids.
following procedure:
Check Burner Flame Appearance
1. Unplug  120-volt  A.C.  power  supply  to
Remember, Millivolt appliances have a continu-
Visual y check the flame of the burner periodi-
ous burning pilot flame. Exercise caution when
2. Shut off gas supply to insert.
cal y making sure the flames are steady and not
using products with combustible vapors.
3.  Remove  Glass  Door  (see  Procedure  For 
lifting or floating (see Figure 19 on Page 8).
Removing  Standard  Glass  Door  Assembly
on Page 8).
Glass Cleaning
4. Remove log set, burner and grate.
The appliance and venting system should be
5. (EDVI25  only)  Remove  the  two  shields
Note:  Clean glass after first two weeks of opera-
thoroughly inspected before initial use and at
shown in Figure 5.
tion (after Burn-In period is over).
least annually by a qualified service technician.
However, more frequent periodic inspections
The viewing glass should be cleaned periodi-
and  cleanings  should  be  performed  by  the
cally to remove any build-ups caused from the
homeowner. Homeowner must contact a quali-
fied service technician at once if any abnormal
• During start-up, it is normal for condensa-
condition is observed.
tion to form on the inside of the glass (this
Remove 4 Screws
condensation and fog will usually disappear
Refer  to  the  maintenance  schedule  on  Page 
in a few minutes). This can cause lint, dust
7  for maintenance tasks, procedures, recom-
and other airborne particles to cling to the
mended frequency and by whom they should
glass surface.
Remove the 4 screws from back 
be performed. Always verify proper operation
• Initial curing of the high temperature paint
wall (indicated by arrows).
of the appliance after servicing.
and  burning  off  of  lubricants  used  in  the
Figure 5
manufacturing process may result in a film
Always turn off the gas to the appliance before
on the glass.
cleaning. Before re-lighting, refer to the lighting
• A white coating may form on the glass as a
6. (EDVI25 only) Remove blower access panel
instructions in this manual. Instructions are also
result of impurities and minerals in the fuel.
(see Figure 6).
found on pul -out panels located below the glass
It is recommended that the glass be cleaned
7. (EDVI25  only)  Remove  the  two  blower
door in the control compartment.
two or three times during each heating season,
mounting screws and remove the blower
(see Figure 6).
depending on the circumstances present.
Keep  lower  control  compartment  clean  by
vacuuming or brushing at least twice a year.
Use one of the following to clean glass:
More frequent cleaning may be required due to
• Non-ammonia based household cleaner
Remove screws around parimeter of  
excessive lint from carpeting, bedding materials,
• 50%-50% mix of white vinegar & water
blower access panel, then lift out.
etc. It is important that control compartments,
• gas stove glass cleaner
burners and circulating air passageways of the
appliance be kept clean.
Remove blower mounting screws.
Figure 6

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