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Auxiliary Remote Truck
Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
Dometic auxiliary remote truck air 
The inside 
conditioning systems are designed 
10,000 BTU/hr  
to cool or heat the cab and sleeper 
unit consists of a compressor, 
System shown
without running the truck’s diesel engine, 
evaporator coil, electric heat 
saving fuel and preserving the environment. 
strip, and a blower in an aluminum 
Key Benefits
The systems run on 120VAC electricity, which 
enclosure with a deep condensate 

is supplied by a shorepower connection,  
drain pan. A cooling-only unit (no heat 
an auxiliary power unit (APU), or a battery-
strip) is also available. This compact unit is 
■   Rugged polished stainless-steel 
based system. Models are available in 7,000 
designed for instal ation under a bunk, or in 
BTU/Hr, 10,000 BTU/Hr, and 14,000 BTU/
the bottom of a closet or cabinet. An efficient 
■   Designed for corrosion and  
Hr capacities. Electric heat-strip options 
rotary compressor was selected for its 
vibration resistance.
include 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 KW, and can 
quiet operation, and the enclosure further 
■  24VDC cooling fan.
be specified as either single or two-stage. 
minimizes noise in the sleeper. A built-in 
The system can also be integrated with a 
electric heat strip provides heat during cold 
diesel-fuel heater, using the same Dometic 
weather. The strong squirrel-cage blower 
Qt Control/Display (Espar only).
moves the cooled or heated air to one or 
■  Compact unit.
more discharge gril es through flexible or 
■  Quiet, powerful squirrel-cage blower.
Designed for the harsh trucking 
fixed ducts. 
environment, the units are vibration and 
■  Rotary compressor inside sound shield.
corrosion resistant, and are backed 
The condenser, evaporator, and lineset are 
■   Built-in electric heat strip – optional 
by more than 40 years of mobile air 
al  charged at the factory with the proper 
diesel-fired heater.
conditioning experience. A digital 
amount of refrigerant. Reuseable quick-
■   Digital thermostat control  
thermostat controls the system and is 
connect fittings are specified so that no 
(sold separately).
ordered separately. The system consists of 
special refrigerant-handling equipment is 
■  Deep drain pan for condensate removal.
separate inside (evaporator) and outside 
required. Wire harnesses are waterproof and 
(condenser) sections connected by flexible 
polarized for each plug-and-play instal ation.
■   Polarized plug-and-play waterproof 
electrical connections.
refrigerant lines. Government-approved, 
environmental y friendly R-417A refrigerant 
A sleek and attractive cover for the 7,000 
■   Refrigerant connections are reuseable 
(HFC) is used.
BTU Day Cab interior system is available 
quick-connect devices.
to provide protection to the unit while 
The condenser section has a highly 
muffling sound for a more comfortable 
7,000 BTU  
Model and Cover 
efficient, lightweight, compact, al -aluminum 
cab environment. The Dometic Qt Control/
(Cover #710035065)
condenser and a 24VDC cooling fan within 
Display can be mounted directly onto the  
a powder-coated aluminum housing. To 
top of the cover, al owing easy access for  
save space and reduce noise, it is mounted 
the driver.
outside, typical y under the cab or on the 
back of the sleeper.
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