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You must install and
charge the battery before
using the telephone.
STOP! See page 7
for easy instructions.
For customer service or product
Please also read
information, visit our web site at
Important Product Information
Enclosed in product package.
or call 1-800-222-3111.
Add new handsets to make your phone more versatile (see page 46)
Your telephone can accommodate up to 8 cordless handsets. You can add new 
handsets (sold separately) at any time. Up to 4 handsets at a time can be used.
The handsets provided with your telephone are automatically registered as Handset 1
and Handset 2. Additional handsets will be assigned numbers in the order they are
registered (3, 4, etc.) up to a maximum of 8 handsets.
Handset 1
Handset 2
Handset 3
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