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DVD Player
User Manual
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Document Outline

  • Precautions
  • setup
    • General Features
    • Descriptions
    • Tour of the Remote Control
  • connections
    • Choosing a Connection
  • basic functions
    • Playing a Disc
    • Using the Search and Skip Functions
    • Using the Display Function
    • Using the Disc and Title Menu
    • Repeat Play
    • Slow Play
  • advanced functions
    • Adjusting the Aspect Ratio (EZ View)
    • Selecting the Audio Language
    • Selecting the Subtitle Language
    • Changing the Camera Angle
    • Using the Bookmark Function
    • Using the Zoom Function
    • Clips Menu for MP3/WMA/JPEG/MPEG/CD Audio
    • Folder Selections
    • MP3/WMA/CD Audio Playback
    • MPEG4 Playback
    • Playing Media File Using the USB Host feature(Only DVD-C450K)
    • CD Ripping (Only DVD-C450K)
    • Picture CD Playback
  • karaoke functions
    • Karaoke Functions Operation Sequence (Only DVD-C450K,C350K)
  • Changing setup menu
    • Using the Setup Menu
    • Setting Up the Language Features
    • Setting Up the Audio Options
    • Setting Up the Display Options
    • Setting Up the Parental Control
    • Setting Up the DivX
  • Reference
    • Troubleshooting
    • Specifications

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