DTQ 27S5FC Manuals

Daewoo Electronics Corporation of America warrants each new electronic prod-
uct manufactured by it to be free from defective material and workmanship and agrees to remedy
any such defect or to furnish a new part (at the Company’s option) in exchange for any part of any
unit of its manufacture which under normal installation, use, and service disclosed such defect, pro-
vided the unit is delivered by the owner to us or to our authorized distributor from whom purchased
or authorized service station, intact, for our examination with all transportation charges prepaid to
our factory. To establish and receive warranty service at our factory or authorized service facilities,
proof of purchase/dated sales invoice is required
Return authorization must be obtained before any merchandise is returned to the factory.
This warranty does not extend to any of our electronic products which have been subjected to mis-
use, neglect, accident, incorrect wiring not our own, improper installation, unauthorized modifica-
tion, or to use in violation of instructions furnished by us, nor units which have been repaired or
altered outside of our factory, nor to cases where the serial number thereof has been removed,
defaced, or changed.
This warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied and no representative or person is
authorized to assume for us any other liability in connection with the sake of our electronic prod-
Over-the-counter exchange for units that are initially defective
“Initially defective” is described as when the dealer opens the unit and finds that it is inoperative or a
customer opens a new unit and finds that it is inoperable. This unit may be returned to the factory by
the dealer for exchange. Under no circumstances will the customer be permitted to return the defec-
tive unit directly to the factory.
Exchange must be directly with the dealer.
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1 year
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2 years

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