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product data sheet
d M r 10 0 0 d I G I ta l M ed I a r eco r d er
designed to provide freedom of choice 
in compression, format support, and 
recording media, the Infinity series dMr 
is a perfect complement to your eFp and 
eNG workflows.
With one of the best-known design 
audio capabilities; support for IT-based 
instance, you can connect a REV PRO 
teams in the world and multiple technical 
recording media, including REV PRO™ 
drive or CompactFlash card reader to 
Emmy® awards, Thomson Grass Valley™ 
and CompactFlash removable media; and 
a workstation for direct access to the 
products continue to break ground for 
IT-based connectivity.
recorded media. 
innovation and creative ideas.
Enhancing Your Workflows
For greater accessibility, you can copy 
Our Infinity™ Series Digital Media 
the files on the media to a file server for 
Recorder (DMR) is a revolutionary step in 
The Infinity DMR enhances and even 
immediate, enterprise-wide use. With 
EFP and ENG acquisition—combining the 
redefines EFP and ENG workflows by 
metadata assigned at the capture phase, 
best of our Emmy award-winning camera 
fully embracing IT-based technologies, 
or any time in the process, you can edit, 
engineering with leading IT recording 
connectivity, and convenience. You 
sort, and find files with greater ease no 
and connectivity technologies. The result 
can, for example, use media from the 
matter where they are stored. We also 
is a multi-format solution designed from 
recorder in a fashion similar to that of 
offer the LCP 400 wireless control panel 
the ground up to deliver all the benefits 
videotape in tape-based workflows. 
software that enables you to control the 
of advanced acquisition and recording 
The Infinity DMR is perfect for situations 
DMR and manipulate metadata via a 
in an affordable, open, and truly flexible 
where portable, compact, and DC power 
wireless connection.
use is required. This includes use in 
Multi-Format Support
Designed to provide freedom of choice 
restricted areas to record POV cameras 
in compression, format support, and 
on reality programs or in a moving 
The Infinity Series DMR provides a 
recording media, the Infinity Series 
vehicle, with the ability to record on 
choice of SD and HD formats that are 
DMR is a perfect complement to your 
solid-state CompactFlash.
easily selectable. This design makes it 
EFP and ENG workflows. It features 
However, Infinity Series products offer 
ideal for multi-format acquisition and for 
multi-format support; on-board 
more than just videotape replacements. 
a straightforward migration from SD to 
selectable compression; high-quality 
In nonlinear editing environments, for 
HD acquisition and workflows.
•  Infinity portable recorder
•  DC operation for portable field 
•  Integrated, large flip-up LCD monitor 
•  HD/SD multi-format support including 
available on certain models
480i60, 576i50, 720p50/60, 1080i50/60
•  Metadata, video, and audio content 
•  HDMI monitor connector
•  Recording/playback to and from 
written in an open, MXF-based 
•  Built-in 3.6-inch, menu-driven TFT 
integrated REV PRO  removable 
touch screen
media drive (available in REV PRO 
•  Supports DV25, JPEG 2000, and 
•  Compatible with Thomson Grass 
XP/ER version), CompactFlash media, 
MPEG-2* compression schemes
Valley LCP 400 wireless control panel 
and external devices
•  Traditional and IT-based inputs/
*  MPEG-2 encoding and decoding is available with 
model DMR-1000-MPEG

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