Direct Plug Kits DPK-1.2 Manuals

Direct Plug Kits
Issued March 2008  •  SPEC DPK-1.2
MIG Welding Accessory
The Right Tool for the Job.
Extremely durable and easy to 
maintain, our direct plug kits let you 
connect our MIG guns to most any 

Miller® Accu-Mate™ direct plug 
feeder or machine on the market.
kit shown attached to Bernard 
Mig Q-Gun
Interchangeable direct plugs connect to wire 
feeders and machines from major manufactuers.
Rigid strain relief has thick walls and integrated 
power pin bushing 
for increased durability and 
reduces parts.
Direct plugs can be changed without removing 
rigid strain relief and trigger cable adapters 
make cutting and splicing trigger wires 
to ease maintenance and reduce 
operator downtime.
Wrench Flats
NOTE: Direct plug kits include strain 
relief set, adapter block and screw 
(where applicable) for adaptation to 
guns with old-style direct plug.
Made with
Pride and without
Compromise in the USA
An Illinois Tool Works Company 
Phone: 800-946-2281 (US Only) 708-946-2281 (Outside US)
449 West Corning Road, Box 667 
Fax: 708-946-6726
Beecher, Illinois  60401 USA
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