Digital Pocket Memo LFH 9500 Manuals

Digital Pocket Memo
Pocket Memo
LFH 9500 Series
Intuitive voice recording
The Digital Pocket Memo 9500 is a professional dictation recorder that is perfect for 
professionals and non-professionals alike who wish to upgrade to digital dictation.  The 
9500 includes the popular four-position slide switch for familiar, single-handed operation. 
The large backlit LC display and ergonomic design with a full metal case ensure quality 
and usability.  SpeechExec Pro Dictate, the professional dictation software, is also 
included for simple integration into your everyday document workfl ow, and crystal 
clear recordings are the perfect basis for effi  cient transcription or integration into voice 
recognition software.  
Quick control
•  Professional 4-position slide switch for single handed operation
•  Intuitive menu control with 'smart buttons'
•  Large backlit LCD screen for an at-a-glance overview
•  USB fast charging for convenience on the go
Easy fi le management
•  SpeechExec Pro Dictate software ensures easy download and effi  cient management 
of voice fi les
•  USB docking station for fast fi le download and battery charging
Designed around industry standards
•  Compatible with industry standards such as the SD card, mini-USB socket, AAA 
batteries, 3.5 mm headphone, and microphone sockets
•  Supports the compact .dss fi le format, the industry standard for digital recording

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