DAPS-01 Manuals

DAPS-01 Dual Antenna Positioning System 
Product Overview 
The TDK DAPS-01 Dual Antenna Positioning Sys-
tem consists of a dual antenna mast with integrated 
turntable and SI-300 system interface. The DAPS-
01 is specifically designed for remote positioning 
of two antennas, both in the horizontal and vertical 
planes, during EMC testing. The DAPS-01 simpli-
fies testing by allowing the user to test continuously 
Data Sheet  across two antenna bandwidths without interrup-
Remote Control  The DAPS-01 is remotely con-
trolled by the TDK SI-300 system interface unit.  A 
single independent control unit is used to handle 
the turn axis and the polarization sense. 
Fiber Optic Link  Remote control of the position-
ing system is achieved by use of fiber optic links, 
eliminating a potential interference source and 
distance limitations. 
Custom Dimensions  The dimensions of the posi-
tioning system mast and turntable are dependent 
The TDK DAPS-01 Dual Antenna Positioning 
on the customer’s required illumination area.  Di-
mensions are limited only by the maximum length 
System is designed to simply testing by ena-
of cable that is used. 
bling remote positioning of two antennas in 
EMC test environments. 
Compatible with the TDK SI-300 system inter-
Remote independent vertical and horizontal 
Fiber optic interface 
Custom dimensions to meet customer require-
Shielded remote modules for use in high field 
Universal linear power supply 
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