D103 Manuals

Xerox Disc Duplicators
Efficient and Reliable
In-House Disc Production
The Xerox Duplicator is a fast and convenient 
Standalone operation
way to make numerous copies of CD’s, DVD’s, 
The Xerox Duplicator can operate independently from a PC.  The 
entire unit is operated from an easy to use LCD interface on the 
and/or Blu-ray discs.  With three offerings to 
top front panel. 
choose from, (Standard CD/DVD, Blu-ray, or   Transfer image files from a PC directly to the dupli-
LightScribe Capable), makes the range of Xerox 
cator’s Hard Drive (HDD)
Duplicators suitable for any user. Each model 
Connect the duplicator to a PC by USB connection and transfer 
offers units with the ability to produce from 1 
image files directly on to the duplicator’s internal HDD.  You no 
longer need to spend the extra time and effort to generate a mas-
up to 15 copies simultaneously from a single 
ter disc to initiate the duplication process.
master source.
Disc Labeling Capability
The Xerox Duplicator offers a line of disc labeling models, using 
LightScribe technology, which allows the user to print custom la-
bels directly onto the top side of LightScribe capable CD or DVD 
media.  The Xerox LS models are standalone systems with the add-
ed capability to transfer label designs from a PC via the Drag & 
Drop technology to print onto all LS capable discs in every recorder 
drive on the unit. 
Supports all formats of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media
Xerox Duplicators support all common recordable and rewritable 
CD, DVD & Blu-ray formats as well as special items including CD-
TEXT, ISRC, and Over-Burned CD.
Large capacity buffer memory
When making copies from the reader, large capacity buffer 
memory allows more data to be stored in flash from 8MB up to 
256MB (depending on the model).  It keeps all drives burning at 
the same speed without pausing (known as buffer under-run) for 
a more stable and reliable duplication at higher burning speeds.

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