CWI310 Manuals

D   E   S   I   G   N   E   D  
 T   O     L   E   A   D
CWI Series
  Gas-Fired Natural Draft Water Boilers
 These instructions must be affixed on or adjacent to the boiler

WARNING: Improper installation,
• CWI069 • CWI207
adjustment, alteration, service or
maintenance can cause property
• CWI103 • CWI241
damage, injury, or loss of life. For
• CWI138 • CWI276
assistance or additional informa-
tion, consult a qualified installer,
• CWI172 • CWI310
service agency  or  the gas
• CWI345
supplier. Read these instructions
carefully before installing.
• CWI379
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