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Compact in Size Yet Detailed, Balanced and Spacious in Sound
Building on the success of its immediate predecessor, the CS-515 CD receiver system embodies an approach to sound—detailed, balanced
and spacious—that belies its size. The CD receiver itself exudes an air of solidity that is further accentuated by a concave, aluminum front
panel. Also, not visible to the eye, the receiver’s chassis has been constructed with a flatter underside that has proven to be effective in
removing extraneous vibrations. On the inside, audio quality is promoted with the inclusion of a Wolfson® 192 kHz/24-bit DAC. The CS-515’s
relative power enlivens CD playback and gives your MP3 files an edge they’ve been missing. Also, combining the CS-515 with Onkyo’s iPod
Dock brings a whole new dimension to your iPod. It’s improvement in increments for the receiver, but a brand new direction for the D-N9BX
2-way, bass reflex speakers that round out this system, which make it a fine investment for the home.
Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) for a Fuller,
Comprehensive Control Over All Your MP3s 
More Precise Soundscape
With more and more music being bought online, the CS-515 is an ideal 
With any compact audio system, finding the right amplifier design will help to
solution for bringing greater audio fidelity to MP3s. As MP3s can be organized 
generate higher quality sound compared to a system built purely to meet size 
in a hierarchy with folders containing files and subfolders, you can use two
specifications. Taking the cue from some of Onkyo’s renowned amplifiers and
modes, Navigation and All Folder, for selection and playback. In All Folder mode,
receivers, the CS-515 incorporates WRAT to achieve three important goals in the
all folders appear at the same level, making it easy to select each folder. If no
pursuit of higher standards in audio: 1) A wider frequency response; 2) Reduced
file or MP3 is selected, all tracks will be played back in numerical order. With
amplifier distortion at high volume; and 3) Better control of current and electro/
Navigation mode, you can actually move through the folder hierarchy. The display
mechanical kick-back from speakers. WRAT ensures that you’ll get the best
button on the remote also enables you to display information about the MP3
audio playback quality possible from regular CDs, MP3s burnt to disc or your iPod.
being played (including artist, title and album name).
Exclusive Onkyo Circuitry to Maintain Clean Audio Signals
Matching Speakers Featuring a Raft of Onkyo Speaker Developments 
With Onkyo’s Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC), digital data from CDs and
While the CR-515 CD receiver stands out with its easy-to-fit build and striking
MP3s is converted between sampling points and then joined with analog vectors
aluminum front panel, the accompanying D-N9BX 2-way, bass reflex speakers
in real-time to produce a smooth output wave form. The end result is a noiseless,
round out an ergonomic balance. But these speakers have not been built 
smooth analog output signal based on the digital source. That’s just the kind of
for design considerations alone. They provide a range of Onkyo speaker 
purity you’ll want to bring the best out of compressed digital audio files. Also,
developments designed to match the CR-515 musically. A prime example is 
cost-cutting manufacturers will use just one circuit at the output stage. With
A-OMF Monocoque—the latest in a series of diaphragm fibers designed to
multiple transistors crammed onto a single circuit, excess heat is generated and
support the piston motion range of the woofer. Compared to its predecessor,
the audio signal is compromised. The CS-515 is different. It uses discrete
A-OMF Monocoque has a twill (cotton weave) that is 30% stronger giving it
amplifier technology similar to that found on Onkyo’s bigger amplifiers and
greater ability to provide support for the woofer’s piston motion range. To deliver
receivers. Keeping the transistors separate at the output stage enhances cooling,
high frequency sounds with finesse, the speakers include a ring-drive tweeter
so the CS-515’s longevity is extended and interference to the audio signal is
that has proven to be effective in negating the effects of low-frequency 
reduced. Finally, Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry minimizes the possibility of
interference emanating from inside the cabinet. Finally, a duct—called the 
noise when increasing volume.
Aero Acoustic Drive—is included to mitigate interference between high and 
low frequencies. The speaker base and cabinet are separated to further the
iPod Playback through Onkyo’s Remote Interactive (RI) System Capability
effectiveness of the duct.
With Onkyo’s RI system capabilities, you can add other Onkyo components to
the CS-515—like a CD recorder or cassette deck—and operate them through
Maintaining Solid Connections Through to Speaker Output
one single remote control. RI capability also gives you the opportunity to integrate
The quality of speaker binding posts should not be overlooked. Poor binding
virtually any iPod model (including the diminutive iPod nano) with your CD
posts not only degrade the sound, they also break easily. In many cases, mini
receiver system through Onkyo’s Remote Interactive Dock for the iPod. Simply
audio systems are equipped with inferior connections. The D-N9BX speakers
connect the dock to the CS-515, then place your iPod in the dock for a “heftier
feature banana plug-compatible speaker posts and the CR-515 CD receiver
and more detailed” sound than can be experienced with an RCA stereo cable.
has a corresponding connection. These posts enable a firm connection as well
To cap it off, RI capability will also give you remote operability over your iPod
as ensure that wires are not exposed.
for hands-off control over your digital music. The CS-515 will also accommodate
an upcoming version of the Dock.

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