CS-220 Manuals

An Elegant Blend of Quality and Style for When Space is at a Premium
Bring mini-system convenience and outstanding Onkyo musicality to your bedroom, den or study, with the CS-220 CD receiver system.
The CS-220 sports a range of features you’d normally expect to find only on higher-end models. High-quality Wolfson® DACs for accurate
digital-to-analog conversion; discrete output stage circuitry for a clean output signal from the amplifier; and A-OMF cones and Aero Acoustic
Drive for enhanced speaker performance. Finished off with a sturdy yet stylish aluminum front panel, the CS-220 presents a winning 
combination of simplicity and performance.
Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT)
Aluminum Volume Control & Front Panel
Originally available only on our high-end models, Onkyo’s exclusive WRAT
Onkyo’s renowned attention to build quality extends even to our most affordable
offers several breakthroughs in amplifier configuration. Firstly, its low negative
models. While our competitors may skimp and use cheaper plastics, we offer
feedback design achieves a frequency response out beyond 100 kHz, for 
superior materials and craftsmanship. Take, for example, the CS-220’s aluminum
stunningly high-resolution playback. Secondly, closed ground-loop circuits
volume control, with its reassuringly solid feel. Or the matching aluminum front
reduce circuit noise and keep the ground potential free of distortion. And 
panel which gives the CS-220 a refined look that will last long into the future.
thirdly, its high instantaneous-current capability enables dramatic, theater-like
dynamics and clarity.
12 cm A-OMF Diaphragm Woofer & Aero Acoustic Drive 
for Natural-Sounding Bass

Discrete Output Stage Circuitry
Onkyo’s redesigned A-OMF speaker diaphragms are stronger, more heat-resistant
Mini-systems made by our cost-cutting competitors typically employ just one
and provide improved transient response. With their vibration-absorbing pure
circuit at the output stage. With multiple transistors crammed onto this single
cotton weave and thin yet rigid flexing diaphragms, A-OMF cones deliver superb
circuit, excess heat is generated and the audio signal is compromised. The 
mid-range clarity and imaging. Our original Aero Acoustic Drive technology,
CS-220, though, uses discrete amplifier technology similar to that found on 
meanwhile, brings a new refinement to our existing bass-reflex speaker design.
our high-end receivers. Keeping the transistors separate at the output stage
Oblong rather than circular, the Aero Acoustic Drive more effectively cut off 
enhances cooling, so that the lifetime of the unit is extended and unwanted
high-frequency interference that can adversely affect your bass signal. With the
interference to the audio signal is reduced.
CS-220, you’ll enjoy smoother, more authentic bass.
Wolfson® Single-Bit D/A Converter
The CS-220 features a state-of-the-art digital-to-analog converter from Wolfson,
a world-leading name in mixed signal semiconductors for multimedia applications.
The CS-220’s high-performance DAC supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz,
and includes a serial interface port, digital interpolation filters and multi-bit
sigma delta modulators. Exceeding the stringent Dolby ® Class A performance
requirements, this DAC reproduces your audio signal with clarity and faithfulness
rare in such a compact system.

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