Cold Heat Revolutionary Cordless Soldering Tool Manuals

Revolutionary Cordless Soldering Tool
Cold Heat Soldering Tool Instructions
Safety and Precautions
• Please retain these instructions for future use.
• This is not a toy, children should be supervised at all times if using this product.  
• The use of safety equipment, i.e. masks, goggles etc. is recommended as the task dictates.
• Keep clean and dry.
• The tip is fragile, use with care and do not apply unnecessary pressure on it.
• The tip temperature rises quickly during prolonged contact between the tip and the 
work piece, and may cause damage.
• Do not leave the tip on the work piece for more than a few seconds at a time.
• Always use soldering wire in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Flux fumes from soldering and de-soldering can be harmful, especially when using lead
based solder. 
• Use in a well ventilated area.
• Excess smoke may indicate that the flux in the solder is melting, a sign that the temperature 
in the tip is too high and should be allowed to cool by removal from solder.
• After applying solder to several joints or application to a work piece for a long time, the tip 
may take longer to cool to touch safe temperatures.
• Do not touch the tip during active operation (indicated by the red light) and allow the tip to 
cool before touching it.
• Ensure that the tip is cool before replacing the cap.
• For proper storage, turn the switch off, replace the cap onto the tool and store it in the case. 
• Do not store the tool in high-temperature environments; this can damage the batteries 
and electrical parts.
• Do not attempt to repair the tool, this will invalidate the warranty.
• Do not operate near flammable or explosive materials.
Areas of Use
This tool is ideal for hobby and light professional use on projects with medium sized 
components using 18-24 gauge (0.5-1.0mm diameter) solder wire, small jewellery repairs and
electronic projects.  The recommended wire is 18-20 gauge (0.8-1.0mm diameter). It is not 
recommend for soldering of large metallic components that require a lot of heat transfer, such
as heavy gauge wire.  You should determine the solder wire gauge based on the requirements
of your project.  High temperatures will be created during active soldering; please consult your
component’s datasheet for any special precautions needed.

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