CLP - 820 Manuals

Check your power supply

Make sure that your local AC mains voltage matches the volt-
age specified on the name plate on the bottom panel. In some
areas a voltage selector may be provided on the bottom panel
of the main keyboard unit near the power cord. Make sure that
the voltage selector is set for the voltage in your area. The
voltage selector is set at 240V when the unit is initially
shipped. To change the setting use a “minus” screwdriver to
rotate the selector dial so that the correct voltage appears next
to the pointer on the panel.

Document Outline

  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • The Control Panel
  • Key Cover & Music Stand
  • Connections
  • Selecting & Playing Voices
  • Playing the Demonstration Tunes
    • Voice Demo
    • Piano Song
    • Piano Song A-B Repeat
    • Piano Song Part Cancel
      • Synchro Start
      • Left Pedal Start/Stop
  • The Dual Mode
    • Other Dual Mode Functions
  • The Split Mode (CLP-880/860)
    • Selecting the Right and Left Voices
    • Setting the Split Point
    • Other Split Mode Functions
  • Reverb
    • Adjusting Reverb Depth
  • The Effect
    • Adjusting Effect Depth
  • Brilliance (CLP-880/860/840)
  • The Pedals
    • Damper (Right) Pedal
    • Sostenuto (Center) Pedal (except for CLP-820S)
    • Soft (Left) Pedal
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Transposition
  • Tuning
    • Tuning Up
    • Tuning Down
    • To Restore Standard Pitch
  • The Metronome & Tempo Control
    • The Metronome
      • Metronome Time Signature
      • Metronome Volume Function
    • Tempo Control
  • Using the Recorder
    • Recording
      • Changing the Initial Settings
      • Erasing a Single Track
    • Playback
      • Synchro Start
      • Left Pedal Start/Stop
  • The Function Mode
    • To Select a Function ...
    • F1 Tuning
    • F2 Scale
      • F2.1: Scale
      • F2.2: Base Note
    • F3 Dual Mode Functions
      • F3.1: Dual Blance
      • F3.2: Dual Detune
      • F3.3: 1st Voice Octave Shift
      • F3.4: 2nd Voice Octave Shift
      • F3.5: 1st Voice Effect Depth (CLP-880/860/840)
      • F3.6: 2nd Voice Effect Depth (CLP-880/860/840)
      • F3.5: Reset (CLP-820/820S)
      • F3.7: Reset (CLP-880/860/840)
    • F4 CLP-880/860 Split Mode Functions
      • F4.1: Split Point
      • F4.2: Split Balance
      • F4.3: Right Voice Octave Shift
      • F4.4: Left Voice Octave Shift
      • F4.5: Right Voice Effect Depth
      • F4.6: Left Voice Effect Depth
      • F4.7: Damper Range
      • F4.8: Reset
    • F4 CLP-840/820/820S Left Pedal Mode
    • F5 CLP-880/860 Pedal Functions
      • F5.1: Left Pedal Mode
      • F5.2: Damper Mode
      • F5.3: Soundboard Depth
    • F5 CLP-840/820/820S Metronome Volume
    • F6 CLP-880/860 Metronome Volume
    • F6 CLP-840/820/820S Piano Song Part Cancel Volume
    • F7 CLP-880/860 Piano Song Part Cancel Volume
    • F7 CLP-840/820/820S MIDI Functions
    • F8 CLP-880/860 MIDI Functions
      • A Brief Introduction to MIDI
      • F7.1/F8.1: MIDI Transmit Channel Selection
      • F7.2/F8.2: MIDI Receive Channel Selection
      • F7.3/F8.3: Local Control ON/OFF
      • F7.4/F8.4: Program Change ON/OFF
      • F7.5/F8.5: Control Change ON/OFF
      • F7.6/F8.6: MIDI Transmit Transpose
      • F7.7/F8.7: Panel/Status Transmit
      • F7.8/F8.8: Bulk Data Dump
    • F8 CLP-840/820/820S Backup Functions
    • F9 CLP-880/860 Backup Functions
      • F8.1/F9.1: Voice
      • F8.2/F9.2: MIDI
      • F8.3/F9.3: Tuning
      • F8.4/F9.4: Pedal
  • Connecting to a Personal Computer
    • Connecting to an Apple Macintosh Series Computer
    • Connecting to an IBM-PC/AT Series Computer
  • Factory Preset Recall
  • Troubleshooting
  • Options & Expander Modules
  • Demo Song List
  • Factory Setting List
  • MIDI Data Format
  • MIDI Implementation Chart
  • CLP-880: Keyboard Stand Assembly
  • CLP-860/840/820: Keyboard Stand Assembly
  • CLP-820S: Keyboard Stand Assembly
  • Specifications

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