Clearwave Water Conditioner CW-HD-2 Manuals

The ClearWave™ is the most advanced hi-tech computerized anti-scale device available today. It 
operates by using a programmed ‘chip’ to constantly cycle through and induce over 200 different electro-
magnetic low frequency wave pulses into the water. These wave pulses produce water with remarkable 
anti-scale properties, without adding salts or chemicals, at an operating cost for electricity of 
approximately $25.00 per year. 
POWER SPECIFICATIONS: 18 VAC, 25 Watts, .22 Amps 
Pure water contains nothing but H20.  But water, as it comes out of the ground, is rich in a multitude of 
minerals.  Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are the main components of hard water, and the 
cause of scale formation and other problems.   
There are three basic methods used to control the problem of hardness and specifically scale 
One method is to remove the calcium and magnesium from the water through ion exchange (the 
traditional water softener).  This method requires the use of a resin filled tank with a high concentration of 
salt ions.  As the water flows through the resin tank the salt ions (typically sodium) are exchanged for the 
calcium or magnesium ions.  This lowers the concentration of the minerals that cause scale and therefore 
inhibits scale formation. 
A second method used to control hard water scale is the addition of chemicals (such as phosphates) to 
the water.  These materials chemically alter the scaling characteristics of the calcium or magnesium, 
allowing the concentration of the minerals to stay the same while still reducing scale formation and its 
Both of the above methods require the use of consumable materials to change the makeup of the water.  
For these devices to function properly, the homeowner must continuously replenish the salts or chemicals 
as well as perform periodic maintenance on the equipment.  In addition to these inconveniences, the 
chemicals and salts discharged into the effluent water present problems downstream to the municipal 
water treatment facility and the environment.  Many U.S. cities have been enacting and/or evaluating 
environmental legislation to limit or reduce the levels of chemicals or salts that result from these types of 
water treatment methods. 
A third method used to treat the hard water problems associated with scale utilizes changes in electrical 
potential in the water to produce the affects of chemical addition.  The electric potential applied changes 
the scaling characteristics of the calcium or magnesium without the removal of these ions or the addition 
of chemicals. 

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