Christie Matrix 4000 Manuals

Versatile, revolutionary and economical!
The Mirage 4000 is the brightest, most economical stereoscopic 
3D projector available with the versatility of 110V that lets you plug
and play anywhere! Based on high-resolution SXGA 3-chip DLP™
technology, the Mirage 4000 is the highest performing 110V 3D
projector in the world!
At the heart of the Mirage 4000, are Christie-designed electronics 
that provide high bandwidth, frame rates, pixel and clock speeds
resulting in the most advanced digital signal processing for all 
types of stereo images. This design employs dark interval 
adjustment (DIA™) control that enhances the overall stereo effect 
by fine-tuning the critical time between left and right fields. 
Primary Color Adjustment control (PCA™) – ensures true color
representation on all source images.
The Mirage 4000’s DMD™ technology – now featuring the new 
Dark Metal DMDs for improved black level and contrast ratio – is
inherently faster than LCD and has the ability to synchronize the 
left and right fields required for stereo imaging, without time lag,
ghosting or other artifacts. And the Mirage 4000 operates at 110V
• Single Projector Active Stereoscopic Solution 
making stereoscopic display easy to set-up.
• 3-Chip DMD™ Optical System featuring new 
Dark Metal DMDs 
With the built-in Stereo 3D® interface module, users can view
• 4000 ANSI lumens 
stereoscopic 3D images with active shutter glasses, or with passive
• SXGA resolution 
polarized eyewear – all through one single projector solution.
• PCA™ (Primary Color Adjustment) 
• SLIC™ (Spatial Light Imaging Construction) 
Bright, SXGA images in a single-projector 3D solution – the 
• 3D® Stereo Module 
Mirage 4000 is a wise, economical choice!
• LiteLOC™ Contrast brightness tracking 
Recreate Reality…with Mirage!  
• DIA™ (Dark Interval Adjustment) 
• Immersive Environments
• Virtual Reality
• 3D Computer-aided Design
• Vis Sim
• Simulation

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