Christie LX25a Manuals

The Perfect Image – From a Small, Sleek, Sharable Resource 
For powerful presentation projection on the move, the Christie 
LX25a is the perfect resource. Weighing just 6.2 lb and delivering
2500 ANSI lumens, the LX25a fits anywhere and delivers bright, 
high-impact presentations. 
Lightweight and low profile with native XGA resolution and a 450:1
Conference centers
contrast ratio, this dynamo projector provides displays with crisp,
detailed images. The short-throw zoom lens is perfect when space 
Small meeting rooms
is limited. Latest progressive-scan video electronics provide improved
video performance and detailed, artifact-free images for brilliant
Break-out rooms
presentations. Optional ChristieNET™ connectivity provides network-
enabled monitoring and control.
Easy to use, auto set-up simplifies start-up with image adjustments and
automatic keystone alignment at the push of a button. An intuitive
graphic user interface makes navigation simple. A customizable start-
up logo lets you make an impression immediately – while the new
security PIN code prevents unauthorized operation.
Compact and ultra-portable for presentations with eye-catching appeal.

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