CDR700 Manuals

Make your
  own CDs!
Dual Deck Audio CD Recorder
• 2x speed recording from CD with precision recording mechanism
• Two separate CD decks 
(recording & playback)
• Recorded CD-R discs play on any Home, Portable or Car CD Player
• Record on Audio CD-Recordable & CD-Rewritable discs
• Add your own CD Text to your recorded CDs or copy from the original CD
• Easy to set-up, easy to use
• Digital & Analog Record Level Control for recordings with the correct

• Remote control with CD Text input possibility
• Headphone jack
• Advance and easy programming 
(99 tracks) for recording compilations
• 2 disc simultaneous playback and 2 disc random playback
• Separate outputs for CDR and CD 
• Large display with music track bar
• Sample Rate Converter for recording from multiple digital audio sources
• Audio buffer for perfect track starts
• Auto finalize/unfinalize option
• Automatic CD Synchro Recording start from all analog & digital

• Free Instruction Video included

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