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Thank you for purchasing the cross-cut paper shredder of the CB512X Series. This product is ideal for office use with its 
advanced function and design. This paper shredder will satisfy all your requirements for confidential and safe documnet 

1. Connect the shredder with power source in accordance with 
Hence, you can properly protect your shredder for 
the power specifications indicated on the bottom label of the 
head. Turn the switch to the “On/Auto” position, the shredder 
is at the standby mode.
6. If the shredder is jammed for a long time or high internal 
temperature after continuous paper shredding in a large 
2. Place the paper, credit card of CD in the relevant insertion slot, 
amount, the shredder will be shut down as a result of preset 
the shredder will automatically start to work and restore to the 
temperature protection. Turn the power off for a while, the 
standby mode when the process is complete.
shredder will then automatically resume to the standby mode.
3. In a normal shredding process, if you suddenly change your 
7. Place the paper being shredded is comparatively wet or with 
mind and want to keep the remainder paper, you can turn the 
long fiber contents, group blades might be wrapped up with 
switch to the position “REV”, the shredder will roll your paper 
too much paper, which will affect the efficiency of shreddin. In 
out immediately (You would not get any information from the 
this case, made the shredder running clockwise or 
CD or Credit Card as long as they had been destroyed).
counterclockwise in turn for two or three times by sliding the 
switch between the state of “On/Auto” and “REV” for two or 
4. If excessive paper has been fed at once, the shredding speed 
three times, wastepaper then can be cleaned automatically off 
might be very slow or even stop, in this case, you should turn 
those group blades.
the switch to the state of “REV” at once and reduce the 
amount of paper to resume the shredding process.
8. Since certain safety protection has been preset intentionally, 
the shredder can not startup normally if the head is moved 
5. For continuous paper shredding in large quantity, it is 
away from paper backet or the head is not placed at proper 
recommended not to feed over seven pieces of paper each 
specified level over the basket.
time and minimize the consecutive using time to 2 minutes. 
1. Please locate the shredder at places nearby power socket for 
5. In order to ensure long using life and good performance of the 
quick power disconnection in emergency.
shredder, please do not run the shredder in the environment 
with heat or wet sources for a long time.
2. Please be aware of the safety alert label on the cover of 
shredder, be sure to ensure human body safety by prevention 
6. Do not renovate the internal structure of the shredder or power 
tie, jewellery or hair from being placed into the machine.
connection cable in any way by yourself. Do not use the 
shredder if the body or cable is damaged, contact with your 
3. Please never place non-paper goods such as clip, plastic bag 
dealer or dial the service hotline.
or cloth into the shredder to avoid shredder damage and lower 
the shredding performance.
7. Please keep the shredder away from children and pets.
4. While cleaning the shredder or cleaning out the paper basket. 
Please turn the switch to the state of “Off” and unplug the 
power. Please clean out the basket regularly.
Shredder Type: 
Cross-cut & CD break
Size (mm): 
Cut size (mm): 
4*25 / Shred CD into 3 pcs
Paper Basket Capacity (Liter):  20
7 sheets (70g) / 1pc CD
CD Basket Capacity (Piece): 
  3m/min (7 sheets)
Net weight (kg): 
Throat width (mm): 
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