CB152x Manuals

Technical Specifications CB152x
• For small theaters
• Full Range passive 2-way screen channel loudspeaker
• Requires only a single amplifier channel and no external
electronic crosssover
The CB152x 2-way screen loudspeaker system fills small theaters
with all the high-impact, full-range on today's digitally encoded
soundtracks. Its internal passive LF/HF crossover/filter network
allows it to be powered by a single amplifier channel with no external
electronic crossover.
The two component system includes a BV154C vented 15-in low
frequency unit and an HK152 high frequency system – a medium
format 90°  x 90° HF horn loading a large diaphragm 1.4-in exit
compression driver.
The HK152's medium format cinema HF horn ensures even distribu-
tion of HF information over the entire audience area.
The BV154C’s optimally vented enclosure uses the enclosure's
resonance to increase LF response while limiting driver excursion.
This method produces less distortion and minimizes driver strain
while extending LF response to the lowest octaves.
The BV154C’s asymmetrical enclosure design smooths response in
the LF component's upper register and minimizes the potential for
standing waves inside the enclosure. Left and right side enclosures
can be placed flush to a back wall while still focusing their output
to the audience area. The enclosure can be inverted to provide a
right or left-handed angle.
The low and high frequency sections are integrated via an internal
passive crossover/filter network. EAW's complex, computer-de-
signed passive filter networks are tightly aligned to the loudspeak-
ers they control and go beyond merely dividing the signal, perform-
ing critical equalization functions.
The LF enclosure has 2 mounting points on both top and bottom to
allow optimum front/rear positioning of the mid/high component
for either right or left channel. The bracket allows the HF horn to be
aimed independently of the LF section in both the horizontal and
vertical planes and can be locked once it is positioned.
The LF section includes a 2-terminal  barrier strip which accomodates
bare wire, tinned leads or spade lugs. A "jumper cable" is supplied
to continue the signal chain to the HF section.
All components feature a textured black finish to eliminate the
exp 3/2/97 mka
reflection of light through perforated cinema screens.
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EAW products are continually improved. All specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. • CB152x PUB#888117 Rev(A)/6/1/99 • Printed In USA

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