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Deluxe Cassette Recorder/Player
Model 5262AV
1. Permanently attached 3-wire cord for safety
2. 5W RMS amplifier loud enough for classes up to 75 people
and can be used for public address. “Directional Sound”
feature projects out to audience instead of up at the ceiling.
3. 2 x 3 digit counter keeps track of key lesson points on tape
4. Rugged ABS plastic casing and handle for added 
durability and is safe for school use
5. Auto stop extends useful life of cassette tapes
6. Separate tone and volume controls
7. Built-in electret mic can't be lost or misplaced
8. 3.5mm mic & 2.5mm remote dynamic mic inputs 
9. 1/4” auxilliary input connects other media players
10. Total of seven 1/4” headphone jacks for group learning 
• Auto Logic Control (ALC) for level audio recording
• Runs on AC/DC power for indoor/outdoor uses
• One year warranty for school use - unlike cassette players
purchased from consumer electronics stores whose  
warranties would be voided if used in schools
The 5262AV Cassette Recorder/Player is
built for reliability in demanding school
environments. Ideal for ELL, ELD and 
foreign language applications, its 7 built-
Power Output
5 Watts RMS into 4 ohms
in headphone jacks are for individual and
Freq. Response
80-15 kHz
group listening centers. Its Directional
Wow and Flutter
Sound™ feature is ideal for presentations
S/N Ratio
45dB unweighted
because it distributes sound out to the
5” round
audience, not up at the ceiling.
FF/Rew Time
120 seconds (C-60, recommended tape length)
Built-in electret
“Project Intercept"
Record Level Control
Record Level Indicator - 5 LED
Please contact us immediately if you experience any 
Full Auto Stop (all modes)
difficulties with your cassette player / recorder. Our “Project
Intercept" customer service program will quickly repair
Record, Play, Cue, Review, Eject, Pause,
or replace items under warranty. Simply contact us via
Volume, Tone, Switchable ALC and P.A.
phone or email [email protected] 
Tape Counter
2 X 3 digit ICIA standard
Visit our website at to learn more
1 7/8 ips
about the complete line Califone® audio products includ-
Output Jacks
6 HP, 1 HP/speaker, AUX Line, 1/4” phone
ing: Wireless public address systems, headphones&
Input Jacks
1/4” AUX In, 3.5mm Mic, 2.5mm remote
headsets, wireless mic systems, group 
centers, multimedia players and computer peripheral
Power Requirements
120 VAC 50-60 Hz or 4 “D” batteries
or 240V 50Hz (CE version)
11 1/4” L x 12” W x 3 1/4” H
We are proud of helping teachers enhance student 
understanding and achievements since 1947, with your
Exterior Case
Rugged ABS plastic for durability
satisfaction as our first priority.
6 lbs., without batteries, shipping weight 8 lbs.
This cassette player / recorder carries a one-year warranty
Permanently attached 3-wire cord for safety
and service support available through authorized dealers
and cord wrap for storage
For school/business uses for 1 year from 
purchase date
C-UL & CE approved safe for use in schools,
Distributed by:
churches, business and government facilities
Califone® International Inc. 800-722-0500
5262AV, April 2005

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