C4333(P) Manuals

Safety Precautions
9.   If this product fails to operate 
as sun, as this may damage the 
normally, contact the nearest 
CCD image sensor.
service centre. Never 
disassemble or modify this 
8.  Apparatus shall not be exposed 
product in any way. (SAMSUNG 
to dripping or splashing and no 
is not liable for problems caused 
objects filled with liquids, such 
by unauthorized modifications or 
as vases, shall be placed on the 
attempted repair.)
10.   When cleaning, do not spray 
9.  The Mains plug is used as a 
water directly onto parts of the 
disconnect device and shall stay 
product. Doing so may cause fire 
readily operable at any time.
or electric shock.
1.  Do not drop objects on the 
product or apply strong shock 
to it. Keep away from a location 
subject to excessive vibration or 
magnetic interference.
2.  Do not install in a location 
subject to high temperature (over 
122°F), low temperature (below 
14°F), or high humidity. Doing so 
may cause fire or electric shock.
3.  If you want to relocate the 
already installed product, be 
sure to turn off  
the power and then move or 
reinstall it.
4.  Remove the power plug from the 
outlet when then there is a lightning.  
Neglecting to do so may cause fire 
or damage to the product.
5.  Keep out of direct sunlight and 
heat radiation sources. It may 
cause fire.
6.   Install it in a place with good 
7.  Avoid aiming the camera directly 
towards extremely bright objects 

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