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hp workstations 
c3700 and c3750
data sheet
design power
Pure processing power. The HP Workstations c3700 and c3750 are ultimate uni-processor RISC-based UNIX workstation with a single PA-8700 
750-MHz or PA-8700+ 875-MHz processor delivering leadership 3D graphics performance, expandability and value. Engineers and scientists working
in the automotive, aerospace, and EDA markets will particularly appreciate the compute power to help slash product cycle times and shorten time to
market. Team the power of the PA-RISC processor with the capacity to support up to 8-GB RAM, 146-GB internal disk, and six PCI cards, and you have
a workstation that breaks through traditional bottle-necks of computation and desktop 3D design. 
750-MHz PA-8700 or 
delivers application performance to complete your designs
875-MHz PA-8700+ processor  
2.25-MB on-chip cache
minimizes system latency with large on-chip cache,
enhances system performance with greater application
speed and throughput
four-way set associative cache
decreases the miss rate of direct mapped cache –
requiring less disk-to-cache access for instructions and
data, providing higher performance
8-GB SDRAM capacity
delivers the largest RAM capacity available on any uni-
processor workstation for higher application performance
with less disk access, supports interactive work with
3D graphics performance, expandability and value
complex 3D designs and digital prototypes
hp fxe graphics card
provides full-featured, 3D capability for universal access to
all types of data across diverse, cross-functional teams
hp fx5 pro graphics card
delivers mid-range 3D graphics performance for
mechanical design work with faster visualization of mid-
size assembles
hp fx10 pro graphics card
delivers high-end 3D graphics performance for mechanical
design and analysis for greater user productivity and
hp Fire GL-UX graphics card
delivers fastest 3D UNIX graphics performance for
mechanical design and analysis with greatest user
productivity and performance 
rack mountable
supports on-side configuration as well as upright, desktop
placement for space optimization when deployed in your
computer rooms
expansive tower with 6 industry-
provides more capacity for PCI I/O cards for flexibility to
standard PCI slots
expand your system
binary compatibility with future 
ensures smooth transition to hp’s next-generation high-
PA-RISC and Intel® Itanium®
performance systems, protects your investment in
applications, data and systems

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